• Community Spotlight Episode 141

    Welcome one and all to the latest Episode of the Spotlight. We’ve been struggling a little with technical problems so there’s no Karting Spotlight this Episode and there are not as many reviews as usual but the levels featured more than make up for that. There are some truly wonderful levels, bursting with imagination, fun and creativity for you to queue and enjoy!

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    by  DokterVintij
    Puzzle game where you move one block at a time to get the sackboy into the white square. 16 stages - difficulty ranges from easy to medium. 1 Player ONLY - guests can spectate. Play with the timer ON for extra bragging rights! Bonus award for clearing all 16 stages in less than 20 minutes. ---- Layout design by OMGYOUWOULD. Special thanks to links_r_us, SACK-BEAVER, & Festerd_Jester

    Engage your puzzling glands and get your game face on, because Doktervintij has got quite the treat lined up for you! In Gridworx, you are in control of a series of cubes, which you can only manipulate on the x/y axis - it's up to you to manoeuvre them around the obstacles in the grid, and get your beautiful little sackboy companion cube into the goal area highlighted on each level! Wonderfully simplistic in theory, but then you'll see the true glory of vintij's deviousness as you discover just how quickly the difficulty ramps up! A real head scratcher, you can't miss out this awesome puzzle level!


    Not content with tying everyone’s fingers and thumbs in knots with her terrifically difficult platformers, Doktervintij has produced a puzzle level which will put your little grey cells through their paces. There are 16 beautifully designed block sliding puzzles and an option to switch on a timer which (perhaps fortunately for my own sanity) I decided not to use. Anyway, however long I spent in there :P, it was time spent happily sliding blocks around, totally absorbed, determined to get to the end and turning a blind eye to the move counter ticking away in the corner. The puzzles are clever, taxing enough to challenge you without being frustrating, and the great music and stylish design only add to the pleasure of playing. I genuinely had a blast with this - and at least I can now say that I’ve actually finished one of Dok’s levels, a first for me xD. A very classy minigame and a must-play for anyone who enjoys a good puzzler.


    Western Warrior
    by  Five-Ate-Five
    Use you brave new Paint-gun to save Sherifs Daughter and save The Town from Evil Bad Guys! More info: Headshot is accualy a thing! You can shoot into pipes and break woods with green sensor on! Have ze fun! (Short level made because, i have no lbp1 level)

    Oh yes, my friends, we told you we'd still feature levels from LBP1! If they were good enough - and I can vouch for this much - this is more than good enough! Five-Ate-Five takes us back to the wild wild west, and we have to fight for our fair lady. Using the much loved paintgun and some wonderful pipe mechanics, five has created a truly fun shoot-em-up with a bucket-load of nostalgia. Dive in and grab your best shootin' iron, bud, it's gonna be a blast!


    Holy Moly to my eyes deceive me, but is that a pink tree contained within that badge. Yes it is!!!! Holy moly did Marty McFly become relevant again. I've grown to respect and adore 5-8-5's creative flexibility,but this just takes the cake and makes me wonder if he'll do a LBP2 remake of his LBP1 western thriller. This was fantastic and amazingly enjoyable to play. even after so many years LBP1 is still a means of making awesome levels.


    His latest venture brings him to LBP1 and a good ole Western style shooter. His characters are wonderful and vibrant and the shooting and pipe gameplay is inventive and fresh. It has a great Western feel to it. You know the kind of thing I mean, the “In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri” kind of thing, only with whacky horses instead of small furry creatures (apologies to Douglas Adams). With headshots, horse-riding and beating the bad guys, this is a heap of fun to play. Five shows us again what imagination and flair can do.


    by  actio1_618
    Esmerelda presents: MUSCLE! Can you muscle FAST enough? Can you muscle HARD enough? Voice acting by

    Esmerelda needs you to get whipped into shape, and she's devised a suitably cunning way to ensure that happens. Oil up your manly muscles and follow us into the ring as Esmerelda.... shows you a variety of well-toned poses... which you.. copy. *cough*. Whilst this may not be for the more hardened Gym Bunnies out there, I simply could not stop laughing at actio's awesome level. Between Esmerelda's mischievously funny dialogue and the amazingly painted stickers, (Like, seriously, actio, dude, now you're just showing off!) and to top it all off, the gameplay is strangely amazing and addictive all at once! Grab a few friends - you're guaranteed a competitive giggle!


    Save that costly monthly membership fees and hours at the gym just to burn a couple hundred calories when you could easily sit on your couch and simulate the raw spectacle of the world contained within the realm of professional body sculpting. HAHA this was hilarious and fun. Why is performing from both hands simultaneously so dang difficult. I did allright and my thumbs are ripped and have six-packs, which is way cooler then my abs having one. Am I right or am I right? RIght?


    by  R-V-2-0-1-3
    [1 PLAYER] A continuation of Neon for Eons... Go Beyond the Neon experience. The action begins after exiting the "Neon for Eons" training facility. You'll face many challenges, faulty security-bots, & may even have a chance to be a hero..... *Warning! You may find yourself having too much fun, so drink plenty of fluids.__ Special Thanks: __ For Krangballs & Mir's assistance & Festerd_Jester's music!

    If you like your platformers to come with a touch of story, a dash of excitement and lashings of fun, then this is the level for you. R-V-2-0-1-3 has created an awesome high tech facility for you to explore. On your way you’ll encounter some great contraptions, nice puzzles and some rather scary bots who will chase you and hunt you down unless you’re quick! It’s one of those levels where you find yourself going “oh that’s cool!” over and over as you encounter inventive bits of platforming or nice touches of design and humour. . There’s plenty of adventure too, with secrets to find and clones to save (or not xD) and in some places there are even multiple paths to choose from. So what are you waiting for,


    Daydreamer - From Rags to Riches Part 1
    by  Nilsder94
    The majority would deny it `cause of behaving morally correct, but the desire of prestige is a fundamental instinct of human being. Myths such as the American Dream are designed for quick personal succes. But to what extent is the realization of such goals in our society possible? The social conflict is probably one reason why it is called a "Dream" ... [1P&2P recommended]

    Hmm, LBP and social issues, an interesting mix. Nilsder94 takes the idea of the American dream and gives it the LBP treatment. The result is a fun level with a definite darker edge to it. The design is just superb. The characters are larger than life and wonderfully put together, all wrinkled, stubbly and toothy. They have a great satirical cartoon feel to them. And there they are in a setting that has a lot of the idyllic LBP1 vibe to it…except for the bags of money and social commentary. It’s an intriguing idea and it’s well executed and fun to play. There’s some classic gameplay in there too, with a motorbike ride, a hamster wheel of death and some great physics based gameplay (I’m a sucker for physics based gameplay xD). An enjoyable, quirky level with an interesting spin on it.


    Raging Motorcycles, devilishly fancy characters, and large bags of sweet, sweet money. What else can a happy sackfolk want. Oh you also, want a clever story, fun gameplay, and some interactivity. hmmm, you greedy, greedy sackfolk. Well, ye will find all 6 "wants" within Daydreamer Rags to Riches. This level has a simplistic look with loads of flavor. The characters are so full of life and definitely has you grinning from ear to ear from the first all the way to the bank. I was amazed the most by how well the were incorporated into the actual gameplay and such. Kudos for sure.


    by  BobTox
    The SKUNK FACTORY continues... It's a short and easy level with a lot of epic moments and fun. Be the best employee to receive a special prize ;]

    The Boss is back! Bobtox returns with a splash as he adds another Episode to his wonderful Skunk factory series. From the opening scenes you know that you’re in for a treat and that this level is going to be as full of the earthy humour, colour and general Rabelaisian charm (if charm’s the right word xD) as the rest of the series. Still on the run from the clutches of the Boss, you have a chance to collect 5 stickers (side quest lol?) and become employee of the month. Who could resist? Ably assisted by Bzz you swing and bounce your way around, exploring all the hard to get to spots in the ramshackle factory. Maybe it was the word Opera in the title but there was something about this level that reminded me of the whole vivid, cynical decadence of Cabaret. Anyway, awesome style aside, this level is a blast to play as you hunt down the secrets and attempt, yet again, to foil the Boss. Another epic episode in this classic LBP series.


    A Funky World (Platformer) [1P]
    by  vita-3000
    [Platformer level, 1 player only]. Music by Robotix17. Hi and welcome to Cyborg's Funky World !! Go on, Explore it, try to have the high score ... Have fun & Enjoy it !!! Special thanks : LBP community :) Secret to find:

    I defy you not to smile when you enter this level! The warm colours and homely feel to the design make you happy just looking at them. Then there’s some awesome platforming goodness to keep the mood on the up and up and lots of lovely LBP-ishness (yes, I know that’s not a word but it should be :P) everywhere, from the profile pics of sack friends to the iconic LBP tree. The gameplay is clever and not always easy. There are some cool interactive sections where you need to press circle to make platforms move in and out at the right time…I seemed to have the knack of moving them exactly the wrong way at the wrong time but I’m sure you’ll do better than I did xD Then there’s the wonderful finale which I won’t spoil but let’s just say that aliens seem to like this colourful world as much as I did. A lovely fun and funky level which it would be a crime not to play!


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    1. Sandro8708's Avatar
      Sandro8708 -
      Oh wow seing some cool creator get noticed is... cool yeah. I also think Kimuko lvl was also lne of the best this time, its really hard to paint with your hands especially if you would have 2 left hands lile me good job spotlighg crew, I love this episode and the lvls
    1. AstroVita's Avatar
      AstroVita -
      Hey thank you for spotlighting my level and thank you @shropshirelass for your amazing reviews
      Congratz to everyone!
    1. RV-2013's Avatar
      RV-2013 -
      Thank you LBPC for spotlighting my level and Shropshirelass for the great review. Congrats to all who got spotlighted and also to the honorable mentions I haven't played them all yet, but the ones I did were all great.
    1. ForcesWerwolf's Avatar
      ForcesWerwolf -
      yay! thank you for including me! also congrats for everyone in there, they deserved it!

      PS: i found a few bugs in the ingame level:
    1. DokterVintij's Avatar
      DokterVintij -
      Thank you for including my level! LOL @ shropshirelass' review. Congrats to everyone in the spotlight!
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      ninomemoiren -
      Thanks for spotlighting my level (@Nilsder94) Kind words.
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      aratiatia -
      Thank you again, Spotlight Team! My level was featured in episode 140 and again in 141 for some reason. It's not shown above but it is in the latest level.

      Cheers everyone

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      Pfeil-7 -
      I played this level and ilove them thank you DokterVintij, Five-Ate-Five,actio1_618,R-V-2-0-1-3, Nilsder94,BobTox and vita-3000 for this fantastic lvl. And a big thanks to the Spotlight Team thank you very much and thank you for evry player how made a lvl.Sry for my english iam a german player.
    1. RV-2013's Avatar
      RV-2013 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Pfeil-7 View Post
      I played this level and ilove them thank you DokterVintij, Five-Ate-Five,actio1_618,R-V-2-0-1-3, Nilsder94,BobTox and vita-3000 for this fantastic lvl. And a big thanks to the Spotlight Team thank you very much and thank you for evry player how made a lvl.Sry for my english iam a german player.
      And thank you for playing and for your kind words
    1. ninomemoiren's Avatar
      ninomemoiren -
      Quote Originally Posted by Pfeil-7 View Post
      I played this level and ilove them thank you DokterVintij, Five-Ate-Five,actio1_618,R-V-2-0-1-3, Nilsder94,BobTox and vita-3000 for this fantastic lvl. And a big thanks to the Spotlight Team thank you very much and thank you for evry player how made a lvl.Sry for my english iam a german player.
      Yay I'm (Nilsder94) also german. High Five!