• Community Spotlight Episode 144

    Hey there everyone! This week has been one action-packed time frame for many LBP folks including us mainly due to the LittleBigPlanet 3 Game Jam that happened this weekend! A couple of hard-working spotlighters were given the golden ticket and got to Jam away with other awesome folks whilst the other spotlighters decided to take the night out and go cookie hunting to keep Hubbie happy!

    All in all, enjoy this fantastic batch of spotlighted levels right from the oven of the Imagisphere.

    Link to Hubbie and the LBPC Spotlight hubs for LBP2


    (PLCC6 Winner) Darkling Depths [1P]
    by  Prattz
    My entry for the 6th Planetarium Creation Contest! Lost in the ocean with nothing but a one-person submarine, you must find your way through the murky waters and return to shore.

    What an awesome entry to Planetarium's latest contest! I can totally see why Prattz has taken the crown with this one - a really atmospheric underwater level with the cutest little sub! D'aww, I just want to take it home and pop it in a fishbowl. *Cough* Err... Anyway! Your submarine has suffered an identity crisis, and seems to think it's an Angler... Sorry, Danglerfish with crabby tendencies. So not only are you armed with a super claw, but also a targetable dangler light, which will lead your way to the end of this superb little puzzler. Go play, now!


    Pratz, I have seen your levels overtime and by each one you have improved and made an enjoyable experience one published platformer at a time. Taking us down below into the depths of the water one cool looking submarine you will venture around with a claw grabbing things such as crates and solving mini obstacles to get through. The light on your submarine also plays a purpose then just shining your way through, it can also power up certain objects by clicking on the prompted buttons on your controller in order which brings another great gameplay element. Well done, pratz, and that is one nice looking crab creature!


    What do we go here in this gem of a level jam-packed with all the awesome goodness of a underwater masterpiece! I loved this levels way of making you think and press buttons, it really makes for great game-play. The amount of effort put into the game-play mechanics really pays off for Prattz in the end with some sweet claw game-play. This is just too great of a level to pass up; so go press that badge and que up this masterpiece right now!


    HAHA, I can't remember the last time I played a side-scroller submarine mission/level. First impression was Wow, then Awe, then Holy Moly this sub is awesome. Once I got past the initial wow factor of that submarine, I moved quickly into Ermahgawd mode from the gameplay elements involved, one being a hook and the other a flood light. Hmm where is this going, well without spoiling it, there's hazards to navigate thru and puzzles to solve 10,000 leagues under the sea. So ahoy matey and have fun? o.O or does that not apply here...


    A Hippie Experience
    by  P-I-M-P-I
    All we are saying is give peace a chance... ------------------------------------------------------ (

    The glory days of Jerry Garcia, Vietnam War, stinky vans, and dirty hippies. Well I am not that old, but his level has all the cool vibes of those days, dig? P-I-M-P-I once again showcases his ability to create exciting platformers that keep you engaged from the entrance gate to the scoreboard. A platformer that beginners or pros will enjoy. This colorful level is jam packed with tons of groovy obstacles that will have won't leave you dazed and confused, but chill to the bone, baby. Stop listening to music, get your bottom off that grassy hill, and play this cool level


    Yeah man, this level is like, totally freaking me out with it's foxiness. You're, like, in this totally bad boneyard, and you're asked to get out of there while spreading the message of peace, all around. One of my favourite dudes in the world totally makes a cameo. Anyway, don't like, freak out or anything, but there are a whole bunch of sharp spikes all over the place, I mean, it's a boneyard, ya know? You need to be at one with the message of peace and be totally zen to make it out of here intact. Peace, man.


    Mine Ex. [Platformer] [1 Player]
    by  Rikorudaniel
    Mine Ex. the most famous Dyegranerite mining facility. Travel through the facility with Grabinators and throw stuff around! [1 player only] -- Music made my meansr, check them out!

    Riko has brought together a level so beautiful, and so devious, that we just had to share it with you - It's been a long time since I so enjoyed gameplay with grabinators! The combination of sponge blocks and emancipation grill-style usage limitation means that you are far more limited in your uses for these handy glowing squares. You have to time your throws and jumps perfectly to get through the timed barriers, leading on to a zero gravity section which had me gritting my teeth the entire way through. Bravo, Riko, Bravo.


    Wow, I think this might be the first level I have played by this creator and I am feeling very bad for myself for missing out on all the other levels this creator has made. If they are anything like this one, then I will definitely have a great night playing all the backlog from Riko. I can't get over how well executed the level design is. So much going on aesthetically, without the icky blending of layers and the confusion of where to go. Kudos Also, I can't forget the well thought out timing and adventure of using the grabinator in this well polished industrial setting. This was great fun and I enjoyed it so much that I regret not playing Riko's other levels. At the end of the day my final words are: I played an awesome level and now have the chance to queue many more


    Well well a super awesome platformer that made me die a couple times yay! This level is a masterpiece with it sleek design and its wonderful gameplay that defies sackpeople to erm ...... Jelly! This great level will keep you on your toes as you go about in this fantastic space station. Enjoy Button pressing game-play as it delivers the awe and wow in this epic level of fun!



    No one can get enough of visually artistic platformers in LittleBigPlanet, right? Another one takes the mark as you take the travels into the forest in the skies where beauty enriches and fantasies become reality. Behold the nice foliage of green or the peaceful waterfall that is laying about and take a deep breathe through the beauty of nature in a platformer that well deserves a play.


    A serene wander through a peaceful garden, oh wait... I died? Oh It just LOOKS relaxing... there is some tricky platforming to be had, tucked away and hidden behind all this nice scenery.


    This fun and very artsy platformer will get your grab on as you are grabbing all over the place enjoying the awesome scenery. This great level will keep you on your toes as you enjoy this vast new world full of awe and wonder! Overall its a must play level so que it now!


    Whoa just realized the trademark infringement, but that is how I would captivate the beauty in this sky island meets forest blend. I am astonished by the length and lack of lag considering how much eye popping beauty in this platter of stunning atmosphere meets pizzazz. So much to enjoy in this romp thru pristine tranquility that is nature how we sometimes wish it could be. So much fun that leaves you drooling from start to end.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] The Gophers have gone a tad bit to far in stealing items, how you deal with that can be decided in (DVLC4 Winner) Gophers Stole Our Bombs! by DawnBreaker_23
    • [LBP2]A wooden platformer that is a great fun with bouncepads and grappling in LAdiDAs ... Juhu Turm by LAdiDA72
    • [LBP2] If you are up for a challenge, then you will need a lot of patience as you will be tested at Shiro [Obstacle Course - HARD] by DokterVintij
    • [LBP2] Its more than just a tutorial, but also the beginning of an adventure in Close Your Eyes (Vol. 0) (1-PLAYER) by katoregama
    • [LBP2] Star light, star light, what kind of star forms are you toggling tonight in Constellations by Cerzus
    • [LBP2] Pure platforming at is finest with 6 basic themes all prepped for you to see in Synesthesia by RabidJellyfish
    • [LBP2] Set up in armor getting ready for a big fight against the Orcs defending the space marines during the Warhammer 40k - Waaagh!-Slayer [1p] by Shaggy40000
    • [LBP2] The best way to put this is that there is a cow, a super cow named Penelope and its just utterly awesome in P-E-N-E-L-O-P-E vs the ALIENS! [1 Player] by one-mad-bunny
    • [LBP2] Get ready to be in the feet of a bounty hunter in the world of Star Wars returning an encrypted holoprojecter as well collecting costumes along the way in STAR WARS: Bounty Hunter by Verbal83
    • [LBP2] You don't see these types of levels everyday where epic 2D characters are created to pull of a unique and enjoyable platformer just like MARU-MARU by mebaru_san
    • [LBP2] Being trapped in a den with a grabinator can get quite pesky especially when loads of chickens come out of no where to be thrown in the areas, its called a "CHICKEN CHUCKIN"- mini game- by SluFoot_48

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