• Community Spotlight Episode 146

    Hey everyone and welcome to the latest Episode of the Spotlight, featuring the best of the levels posted in the Showcases here over the past fortnight. As the launch of LBP3 gets ever closer who would have thought that creators would still be coming up with such great and innovative levels. It warms the cockles of our sackcloth hearts and gives us great hope for the future of the imagisphere. Enjoy!

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    Cage and Sage Uncaged Ep1
    by  clarkdef
    Single player or Co op. Cage and Sage both lost their worlds to the security company EyeSec, an independent company hired by the mayor in a desperate attempt to regain control of the people. Cage and Sage were caught trying to infiltrate the EyeSec HQ, they were taken as prisoners.

    nananana nanananana batman Cage and Sage. Old style 2-D fighter against hordes of cats, car driving, taser welding awesomeness. This has character written all over with the consistent blockiness held consistent and wacky monsters. I love the taser, but found myself whacking away with the 9-iron far more often then not.


    You wouldn't believe a couple of cubes could have so much character! Cage and Sage are an unlikely pair of heroes but after hopping around as them for a few minutes you can’t help but succumb to their blocky charm. Your mission is to escape through a strange brick facility fighting jelly-like blobs, hyperactive purple kitties and banana wielding monkeys with your trusty Taser or golf club as you go (Sage’s has a pink bow – nice touch xD). Be careful because you only have one life so don’t let your health bar get too low. It’s quirky, funny and full of that indefinable LBP charm. I do hope Clarkdef continues the series because I’m already a fan.


    Below The Water!
    by  Five-Ate-Five
    Welcome to the Huge (and little)! Swim around and try not to drown! Music by Weirdybeardy, 1P Only! ( My Last LBP2 level, sorry for the shortness)

    What the *&9*^**&h98 )(*^ hill *^*&% goat )&*&^ WOW!!!!! WIth LBP3 knocking on are door individuals are still finding innovative and original ways to increase the options moving forward. 5-8-5 says we don't need no stinkin isolated water material, I'll make my own. This is pure genius and you don't even realize the transition. I am speechless without a doubt. One can be innovative, but can they also make it fun. By far this is exciting and enhancily enjoyable.


    Five-ate-Five proves once again (if proof were needed) just how creative a talent he is. He’s still coming up with new concepts even now. This level has airlocks in water and, erm…water locks in the air and the gameplay plays cleverly with the different properties of each and what happens as you pass from one to the other. There now that made no sense at all did it? But it will when you play, I promise. All of this cool physics-based fun takes place in a stylish underwater spa located in a reef which looks like a chic neon lit version of Atlantis. It’s a very clever idea and one which I hope Five will do more with in LBP3. So dive into this level and go for a fascinating swim through both air and water!


    Techbox Woodworks
    by  AcAnimate
    Fast paced platforming! Warning: Hard! Using wall-jump, you're able to slide up the yellow bars and down the orange ones, combine that with precision speed and jumping in order to succeed! ----- Helping arrows and lines, Race mode and Insta-death mode are optional and can be toggled in the start menu. ----- This will be my last LBP2 Level, already making awesome stuff in LBP3 Beta! See ya!

    I was so excited to see a new level from AcAnimate and it most certainly lives up to expectations. In it he gives wall jumping an AcAnimate makeover as he melds it into his usual classic fast-paced platforming gameplay. The combination works fantastically well. It sounds so simple, a series of yellow walls to slide up and orange ones to slide down but add about half a million spikes and things get a whole lot more challenging! My sack may have ended up with her sackcloth so full of holes it could pass for lace but I had a blast working my way through each obstacle. They’re not always easy but AcAnimate has provided a series of arrows to show you just where to jump. It’s a great touch. More serious *cough* players can turn the arrow option off but it allows other, mere mortal, sacks to get through. Just a wonderful level full of style and clever platforming design and I loved every second. I know I shouldn’t but I’m now wondering what the insta-death mode is…


    This was one jumpy fast paced platformer. I couldn't even think for a second of a time where sackthing's body was not flinging in the air as well as sliding up and down in a timed-required manner. A mix of challenge and wall jumping showed off its professionalism with very neat and well built design and game play that kept you entertained no matter how many times you fall by accident. The yellow wall-jump material is to float up in a speedy fashion, the orange holds you against the material long enough to make that one jump over to another welcoming section of the level where another creative use of wall jumping is to be played around with. Love it!


    by  StrawberryHeAt
    A simple race recommended for 1 player but also playable with more. Theres just a high risk that obstacles wont work properly with more. Most thanks are going to

    Ouch! Not entirely sure about the name (look up the definition of speculum and you'll see what I mean...) but StrawberryHeat has just outdone himself with this level. It is quite simply brilliant – a series of awesome physics-based contraptions that require both thought and skill to pass. Your Sack will be flung, bounced and catapulted here, there and everywhere and you’ll have a blast trying to work out how to get through each stage. Add to that 12 secrets to find and a race to beat and you have a challenge that will keep you hooked to the very end. I will probably never beat the race but it doesn’t matter. I just had so much fun trying to beat each obstacle and tracking down the secrets. I had a smile on my face throughout. Splendid stuff, all so beautifully planned and put together. Kudos to you, Straw, as leems would say xD


    This creator managed to get me to say "genius!" out loud and I was not even half way into the level yet! You see familiar gameplay tools like the jet pack and the bounce pads but I guarantee I don't think you will see them being used in such an original manner! Three elements are needed to progress through this unique course : TIming, Weight, and patience. The weight factor makes this platformer so much enjoyable as parts will go down once landed or stepped on triggering another bit and its looks like the element of heaviness was used to make these bits operational and its definitely a treat to see that come together with the gameplay. This is a fantastic piece of art, and I look forward to more!


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    1. AcAnimate's Avatar
      AcAnimate -
      Thanks for featuring my level! :D
      Sorry about you clothes shropshirelass, maybe it will please you to hear that my next level for LBP3 have (almost) no spikes at all, and the few times they appear, they're more your friend than your enemy ;)
    1. clarkdef's Avatar
      clarkdef -
      Really pleased and surprised to see me in here! I will be trying the rest of these levels asap!

      - - - - - - - - - -

      Really pleased and surprised to see me in here! I will be trying the rest of these levels asap! Thank you for going to the effort of playing the level.