• Community Spotlight Episode 148

    Welcome everybody to the last Spotlight before LBP3 gets truly underway. We have some awesome swansongs from creators publishing their last LBP2 levels. So stop playing LBP3 story mode for one second (if you’e in the US) and keep from going crazy while you’re waiting (if you’re in the EU/UK) and play these levels. You won’t regret it. Enjoy!

    Due to final exams and the like, we’re a little short-handed on the Vita and Karting side this Episode so we’re holding over all levels for the next Episode of the Spotlight. Don’t worry, your levels will get their chance to be featured!

    Link to Hubbie and the LBPC Spotlight hubs for LBP2


    Last Warrior - Epic Confronts [2P-4P]
    by  DT-Kaosu
    Welcome to my new level, "Last Warrior" ! My new masterpiece which took me 5 months of work! The game is basically a death match, where players choose a character (class) to play, then face theirselves on an epic battle! All the game was very well designed and full of logic. The main menu screen contains all support for new players with tutorials and book of characters. I really hope you like it! Future Updates: 4 new characters and new stages! All logic and creation: DT-Kaosu. Main menu music: Inhu.

    This is a funny review to write, so I'm going to do a little behind the scenes of the voting process instead. When I first played (and voted on this level) it had come in at the start of a spotlight cycle, about 2 and a bit weeks ago now. Between playing and voting it got team picked, and I left a comment in the thread about how well everything was polished. Now it's 2 weeks later, and the plays have skyrocketed so I'm sure you have all played it and agree on how well the fighting mechanics, menus and such are done. It's just a shame that due to it's publish date it took so long to get it's much deserving LBPC spotlight as well.


    Yeah, as Mr F quite rightly says, we’re a bit late to the party with this one for a number of reasons. It deserves its Team Pick though. There’s a lot of depth to it, 4 characters to choose from, lots of different abilities and special powers to master. The whole fantasy vibe and the fighting mechanics are really well done. Lots of polish, lots of hard work and ambition and they have really paid off. Bravo!


    Level Malfunction [S2]
    by  TigerSlash03
    [1 PLAYER ONLY] [EASY-MEDIUM DIFFICULTY] Goodies: Objects that are made collectable for the community. They stand with others in the meaning of sharing as players all around spread their influence to benefit the growing wonderplane. But what if one collects objects without them being goodies? This community calamity is known by stealing..

    This level had me sit up and pay attention from it's very first scene. A very original concept that keeps surprising you as you play. It does have some wordy sections, but the dialogue really adds to the unique experience.


    Tigerslash continues his original look at things under the surface of the game, behind the looking glass so to speak, and this chapter is just as charming and inventive as the last. Spectator, the hand character from chapter 1, returns to guide (??) you through the next section of the series, looking at collectibles. He seems a nice guy but I’m not entirely sure of his motives and he certainly puts you through your paces. This is such a clever and funny series and the concept is brilliant. Like Mr F says, it is quite text heavy in parts but stick with it, creativity like this deserves your time. I’ll certainly never look at level prizes in the same way again…particularly the sharp pointy ones xD


    by  tevlon1
    --- 1 Player only --- Avoid collision and build up your multiplier while collecting orbs for your score. You can view your stats by pressing square in the menu.

    This level is so simple in concept that the introduction blurb covers all the mechanics. Upon loading, your head will spin, creating it's own orbit. A seamless experience that cries out for 'just another go' and the type of level to show people that have never played LBP to, it's pretty much it's own stand alone game.


    Well, where do I start? This is a wonderful level. It manages to be both relaxing and at the same time extremely hard…well for me anyway xD Levels like this, the way the creator has managed to think outside the box and pull off something so novel, clever and smoothly executed, give you faith in the game. A simple concept, beautifully realised. Play it.


    [JMC Sounds of EverySacks]HUB level
    by  JpnMusicCollabo
    JMC last project in LBP2 called "Sounds of EverySacks". We create 4 levels this time. This level is HUB level to them. We share our original music with You & all LBP Community. And let's share pleasure of LBP!XD *** JMCのLBP2ラストプロジェクト[Sounds of EverSacks(SoE)]のハブステージです。[Let's share pleasure of LBP]を合い言葉に、4チームに分かれて好き勝手やっちゃいました。このステは4チームが作成した4ステへリンク するハブステです。各ステで入手したステッカーをこのステで使用すれば、音楽を入手することができます。J MCの音楽を皆様のクリエイトにお役立て下さい。LBP3でもJMCをよろしくね!

    It never ceases to amaze how well people can use stickers to create art in LBP. Without even getting to the music this level delivers a fun anime style into with me nice animation in keeping with this style. Then there is the music. Or rather, then there is 4 more levels of epicene attached to this funky hub.


    Wow, I’m truly speechless. This is just the most stunning music gallery. It’s the last JMC collaboration in LBP2 and what a way to say farewell. The main level is a hub which gives you access to 4 different sub-levels created by 4 teams of musicians. Each has taken its own unique approach to the music and presentation and the results are fascinating – far more vivid and personal than scrolling through a menu! The imagery, artwork and effects are superb and the whole project is a testament to the passion and talent of all those involved. At times a phantasmagoria of wonder, dream-like and beautiful, at times funny (that intro had me laughing out loud xD), always inventive and original, you really shouldn’t miss out on this visual and auditory box of delights. Thank you JMC, look forward to seeing what you do in LBP3!


    by  Peachii
    TankMania is a game consisting of a singleplayer story and competitive multiplayer. If you like to a take long journey through oases, abandoned villages and city ruins you can choose to play the singleplayer. But if you want to enjoy a quick match of pure chaos with your friends choose multiplayer ... and wreck them on 3 different maps in 3 game modes (Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill). If two players are using the same TV remember to play in Local mode!

    There are already 100's of Top down tanks levels in LBP. So if you want to make one, I guess you have to set out to be the best out there. The way to do that? Well... have a good story with some light hearted cutscenes, a clever use of the memoriser to track progress, great controls, and fun power ups. Spread this across several missions and your good to go (oh and a really nice touch is each level has an estimated play time listed in the menu, a really innovative touch to the genre)


    OK, this just shows how wrong you can be. I thought this was going to be just another top down tank level and it isn’t! Well, it is a top down tank level, of course, but there’s so much more to it. For starters it has an awesome menu and save function, then there’s the backstory, loads of different maps, puzzles and bosses. I played this first with friends and had a lot of fun being blasted apart by them *cough* but I think this really shines as a single player level where you get to experience the full depths of the level and really take in all the details in the setting and overall polish. Or…maybe I’m wrong and the heat of battle is where it’s at? Well, you’ll just have to try it for yourself and see what you think. You’ll have a blast either way, I’m sure!


    It Takes Two to Walljump [2P ONLY]
    by  L1N3R1D3R
    WARNING: CAN BE DIFFICULT AT TIMES. --- You slept in, but you forgot it's your friend Jerry's birthday party! So grab a trusty friend and get ready to wall jump your way through this flowery meadow to get to his party on time. --- There are 5 secrets, but 2 of them you have to die to get. See if you can find them all! --- Thanks again to comishguy67 for the music!

    Ha, this was so much fun! I really like a well-made co-op level and this one was excellent. It required lots of teamwork, pooled braininess (well, I can pretend xD) and agility to boot. The puzzles are not always straightforward. You’ll certainly find yourselves scratching your heads (or head rather, don’t mean to make you sound like Zaphod Beeblebrox there lol) and experimenting to get through the obstacles but that only adds to the fun. I like it when a level doesn’t always hold your hand. There’s nothing too frustrating though and it’s definitely cool to see wall jumping incorporated into puzzles in this way. So grab a friend and put your friendship to the test. Can you make it to Jerry’s party without a major falling out on the way?


    Multiplayer levels are always awesome because you get to experience the joy of fun with another player. This level brought my brain to the game thinking cleverly with the other player on this multiplayer puzzles that require co-op and wall jumping skillsthat bring laughter and bondage through out smarting these awesome obstacles that get harder every step of the way trying to get to Jerry's party! have a go at this with a friend and prepare for an exciting challenge!


    FROZEN RUINS (normal or move)
    by  Mat-S-Aint
    1 PLAYER RECOMMENDED - PLATEFORM / PUZZLE / EXPLORATION LEVEL ---- Somewhere in Northern Europe, a group of archaeologists is looking for a vestige of Nordic civilization. But their journey is not going to be without surprises... --- Font by team eagle - Music by Mat-S-Aint and Underoath_77

    Prepare for a slow burn, much like the burn you get when you eat too much ice cream at once. Luckily this level has a great menu system and progress tracker. So you can dip your toe in, play for a bit and revisit to pick up some of those pesky secrets or re-play the fun and challenging end boss. There is a bonus if you beat it in time as well!

    Mr Fusion

    If you like story-based levels with loads of exploration, secrets and puzzles to solve, then this should be right up your street. You find yourself lost in some mysterious ruins, buried in ice, and will need to work your way through a series of cunning obstacles to escape. Your handy flamethrower will get you past some of them but it will be no help against the killer, death-ray jellyfish (yep, you better believe it xD). I really enjoyed the level. So much effort and thought have clearly gone into the story, setting and puzzles. There are some challenging obstacles too: the death ride with added bell hazard took me several goes to get past. And I had an infuriating habit of forgetting to go back and snaffle the secrets displayed at the beginning of a puzzle after I’d solved it! Thank goodness there’s a nifty progress-saving mechanism so I can redeem myself :P A great all round experience and kudos (sorry leems) to Mat-S-Aint for all his work on this.


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