• Community Spotlight Episode 149

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to another chock-filled episode of the Community Spotlight! We chose to not feature any LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet 3 levels just yet because there are not enough levels yet on that side understandably. But fret not, those levels plus the other half of the Karting spotlight which isn't in this episode (there are so many levels!) will shine in all of their glory in the 150th Community Spotlight Episode!

    Without furthur ado, enjoy portable levels on your vita and pick up your kart racing keys to play these amazing levels in this episode's spotlight!

    THE DEVILS PIT eyecandy story level.
    by  scarybiscuit
    A eyecandy platform level, about a sackboy who has lost his way until THE DEVILS PIT shows him his real destiny. This level has been designed to focus on graphics and test the vita to the limits. Thanks to smartysloan for your support and testing.

    Get ready to feast your eyes on this simply stunning level made by the incredibly talented scarybiscuit! You'll make your way through many different layers and chapters, each with a unique style. This adventure truly pushes the Vita to its limit, and I ensure you'll love it. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enter the pit.


    I've waited a long time to say this. Whoa!™ Not because there hasn't been "Whoa!™" worthy levels, because there has been quite a few, but because I've been out of the spotlight loop for a bit. But I'm back now and very happy to present to you a gorgeous smorgasbord for the eyes. Scary has once again outdone himself with a fantastic story, good gameplay and unique visuals. You won't be disappointed here. Play it.


    Take voyage into the Devil's Lair where it is not demons scorching about around the firery pits of hell, but a unexpected journey that will leave you in awe with amazing lighting and glorious set design that pushes the visual limits of a walk-and-stare type of level that leaves me breathless once again.


    Nano bugs - isometric adventure
    by  scarybiscuit
    Can you guide a lost bug and find his away home, a isometric eyecandy level. Thanks goes to smartysloan for testing.

    Ok, what? Man! Scary is a level building machine! How does he do it? He cranks these levels out like he has level printing press in his basement or something! And they're not these little small cookie cutter levels either. These are full blown, amaze your senses visuals and unique gameplay levels that will leave you sitting with your mouth hung open. Well shoot, guess it wouldn't be "bio" review iffin it wasn't long winded. Guess I should say something about the gameplay of this level. Take control of a little bug and traverse a dangerous landscape in order to find your way home. Very cool level. Give it a go will ya.


    Here we endue the experience of nano-technology as you play as a bug in somewhat top-down adventure expect in a tiled glory where you can see more of the amazing detail put into the adventure of helping this little guy find is way home. Avoid obstacles along your way that are proven lethal but not your typical bug exterminator more like engineered mechanical thingys of death, but hey that works too.


    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Noooo! It's a-me the nano-bug! Close enough. Scary keeps producing these amazing levels at a vertiginous speed, each of them packed with awesomeness, graphical awesomeness, gameplay awesomeness, story awesomeness, ok I think you got it now. Get some tape for your socks as they might blow off just by playing some of his levels, and guide this cute lost bug to his family before it's too late!


    Blue Lagoon
    by  Sandro8708
    I present a underwater level called Blue Lagoon. Explore the deep underwater world of the beach and get to the scoreboard. As always try get a highscore. I also hide some special bubbles and a easter egg. Enjoy it :D Pls report me bugs, if you can find some.

    I've never been too excited about water levels but sometimes one comes along where I just go, "That. Was. Awesome!" This is one such level. What I loved most about this endeavor was the clever gameplay. There were several spots where I was in awe of the unique way in which Sandro had me moving from one area to the next. There are lots of places to explore too and plenty of hidden points for you score hounds out there. Great level that is a must play.


    Water in the world of LBP is tricky to manage. Even in Story Levels, its usage usually means slow gameplay and not too much action. Not in here folks. All those thoughts will be left behing once you are inmersed in the incredibly clever gameplay Sandro developed in his level. The use of layering rocks and so does the scenery. A beautiful, clever and original adventure awaits you in Blue Lagoon!


    Also from the Showcase...

    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

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      scarybiscuit -
      As always thank you for the shout outs, I'm glad you liked them, next up LBP3 get ready its time for scary to take on a new challenge.
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      Wow I didnt see this yet. Thanks for the words guys