• Community Spotlight Episode 151

    Wellity-well! It's that time again... wait... err... that time for this time was quite some time ago.

    The last time we saw of our intrepid Spotlighters they were in the midst of putting the final verdicts together for the amazing and fantabulous Episode 151, and playing levels for Episode 152.

    Sadly someone ignored the giant sign on the squirrel cage that said 'Do Not Open' and well... the great dark period of 2015 began.

    The levels below are the levels that would have been were featured, and while it may have been a little while since they were first published; their quality has not diminished!

    The hardworking Spotlight crew thought it best to still recognise them, although I'm sure you will notice that quite a few went on to garner recognition from a few other locations. Both offical and unofficial, but now the creators can add Spotlighted to their trophy case.

    If you somehow missed them like I missed all of you, or how I'd miss not having my daily chocolate pudding, then be sure to check them out! You will have ever so much fun if you do!

    More to come as the folks get back up to speed, including the mythical beast know as Episode 152, which few have seen, but many have mentioned in hushed tones.

    - Hubbie

    Link to my Spiffy


    The Sanctuary of Lost Souls shookie_monster
    by  shookie_monster
    [1 Player Recommended] A Lost Shadow's journey to seek the Keeper of Strength in the Sanctuary of Lost Souls. An exploration platformer.

    If you are a lost soul lin the midst of ooking for interesting levels to play, this santurary of intricate deisgn and atmosphere will help find what you need.


    Shadow Cavern SnakeOwl
    by  SnakeOwl
    Please enjoy it! (1 player recommend) Music by

    Amazing ambience and solid platforming with some clever gameplay elements. Snake owl levels are always fresh and funky!


    Thunderfire lordwarblade
    by  lordwarblade
    1 player vertical shooter. Take on the Baron's massive air and sea invasion force. Collect Collectabells to upgrade your plane for multiple playthroughs as you shoot through 3 stages facing off the Baron and his Generals and a variety of enemies.

    Go retro and take flight in the war infested skies showing that you truely deserve the pilot helmet.


    The Wooden Tale OmieR
    by  OmieR
    NOTE: Due the lag 1 player strongly recommended! Take a journey through the land of woods, place set in the high sky. This took me a while to create, thanks to all bugs and glitches I had to make lot of compromises to make it work, and thats why it didnt quite turn it out as I wanted. Music By:

    Beautiful and enigmatic - it's wonderful to see Omier's artistry and sense of msytery given full rein in LBP3


    Castle Defenders: England 1196 Shaggy40000
    by  Shaggy40000
    English Soldiers are trying to reclaim your newly conquered british castle. Defend the walls against the approaching troops for 10 days until the reinforcements arrive.

    I played this for quite a while, and was impressed with the animation and characters that popped up after each wave, the power up system is also very well balanced and paced.



    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

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    1. FreeAim's Avatar
      FreeAim -
      Great to see you guys back on track!
    1. Sir monacle's Avatar
      Sir monacle -
      One day..... Erm, congratulations to all those who were spotlighted!
    1. tjaldex225's Avatar
      tjaldex225 -
      i see alot of old names up there and some new one congratz to all and its great to have y'all back
    1. Crisofilax's Avatar
      Crisofilax -
      Glad to see that Community Spotlights are back!!
    1. Rapidkirby3k's Avatar
      Rapidkirby3k -
      Yay! It's back! =D
    1. devoutsatan's Avatar
      devoutsatan -
      How do i participate cuzz i got a level soon to be published, its a free roaming carma based top down swords ans spells. almost all quests have 2 ways to complete good and bad.
    1. Mr_Fusion's Avatar
      Mr_Fusion -
      Quote Originally Posted by devoutsatan View Post
      How do i participate cuzz i got a level soon to be published, its a free roaming carma based top down swords ans spells. almost all quests have 2 ways to complete good and bad.
      Juts make a level thread about you level, put some interesting stuff in there, maybe also use the F4F tag and play some other folks levels in the meantime
    1. thaia2013's Avatar
      thaia2013 -
      Sweet! Definitely checking these levels out.