• LPB3 Episode 152

    By Jingo Episode 152 has now been served! Piping hot like a stack of pancakes, lathered in lashings of delicious, syrupy fun!

    There is so much fun it's pooling on the plate and dripping over! Oh noes! Ants!

    Umm... oh yes! Levels! My poor thumb stitching has become rather threadbare playing this batch of pancakes levels but worry not!

    Waitress? May I have a dollop of ice-cream on top of this stack?

    Oh... sorry again!- The crew, like this trail of ants now syphoning syrup, has been franticly working on all the levels in the showcase thread so be prepared for more- more ice-cream please... thank you.

    Wait... Where was I? Oh yes! Levels - nope - already said that. Blast. I'm ever so distracted with all the fun things to play.


    Link to Pancakes


    Breath of Life Pan_Ziemniak
    by  Pan_Ziemniak
    Ah...fresh air... Mountains are beautiful. Too bad they're not alive... well, not quite.

    A bounce-tablous floaty wander through a jungly cave system full of pitfalls and spikes. Platforming action that is ever so fun, and well thought out. As fun and as thought out as a pool full of smarties, or a jellybean tracksuit really.


    Don't Let Them In katoregama
    by  katoregama
    1-PLAYER ONLY. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Keep your flashlight on by collecting batteries when it gets low, and quiet any noises like footsteps or radios. Then, explore the woods to collect notes and parts, and unravel the mysteries of three evil entities.

    Eeeep! My tiny sack-legs are still shaking from this chilling adventure through a sinister forrest, that contains spooky bunkers full of sinister... umm... things? Hot cocoa and marshmallows were needed to sooth my jumping nerves after this. I also had half a caramel cheesecake, but that was just a normal dinner. Although, now that I think about that, maybe the sugar was there reason is was so jittery... The level was pretty scary though...


    A city full of giant burgers and zippity pipes that have you flying through a platform world chockfull of detail and top notch design. I enjoyed this level quite a lot, not as much as a banana split, but I really, really like banana splits!


    Neon Dimension 3 chronos453
    by  chronos453
    The ultimate neon experience! Neon Dimension takes a huge step forward with improved aesthetics, fresh platforming, and grand secrets waiting to be discovered! Jump into this colorful world and prepare for the madness that lies within!

    Disco dancing is fun, especially when you throw in some bounce pads and a funky laser gun. Get your fingers fingers, don a tron costume, and boogie on down to this platformer... oh and get a chocolate milkshake by your side. But thats just common sense really.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

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      Sir monacle -
      Nice! Congrats to all those who won! And happy new year!
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      TUL10 -
      Glad to see the site is back. Congrats to all on the spotlight.