• LBPC Creepy Costume Contest - Winner Announced

    Did the prince finally kiss the maid... or has it been a nightmare on Halloween, which woke her up from her deep sleep?

    We've seen no princes around, but there have been some nightmares created by the participants of our "LBPC Creepy Costume Contest" on Halloween, all of them scary, making your blood freeze in your veins!

    The contest crew had to gather all its courage and face its fears to find a winner! There have been some nervous breakdowns and some call-outs for the mental doctor, but we all have survived!

    And here is the winner entry...

    The Bride of Sackenstein Costume
    created by Candy

    Congrats and thanks to all participants!

    ...sorry, I have to leave for my therapy session now!
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    1. lsrs's Avatar
      lsrs -
      Congrats Candy! this is an awesome halloween costume!