• (LBPC15) The New Years Change


    2018 is coming, and along with it, a whole new year full of new and exciting things. And maybe even scary ones...

    We want you to create a level that incorporates a change in a character's life or environment.
    Will 2018 suddenly be full of peaceful aliens, due to a new contract Earth signed with the Galactic Federation?
    Or will 2018 be a lovely new year for a dog that now has a family?
    Or will Bob move out of his town to an unknown abandoned city full of scary ghosts?

    Whatever it is, we want to see THE CHANGE! If it’s a bad change, how did your character(s) solve the problem? If it’s a good change, what we’re things like before it happened?
    Show us in a single, story driven level. You may include cinematics if you like, but we will be judging the interactive gameplay of your level.
    The winner will receive a rare LBPC Pin and Crown!


    • Create one original, previously unpublished level. No level links allowed.
    • Levels must be playable. Movies are allowed, but the -play- are also part of the contest.
    • Levels must be single player compatible, not a Versus level.
    • Publish your levels by 11:59pm GMT February 12, 2018, and include the text “(LBPC15)” in the title of the level
    • Post links to your levels in this thread, so we’re sure not to miss them!
    • You can only submit one entry.
    • After the deadline, do not republish. Levels republished after the deadline will be disqualified. Exceptions may be made for quick fixes with respect to level titles, description, badges, but only with the prior consent of the contest crew. If you need to request an edit, please post in this thread or send me a PM.
    • Last but not least, have fun, play fair and respect other creators, LBPC members, Judges and Staff! (Contestants banned from LBPC at any time during the period of the contest are automatically disqualified from it).

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      Lbphart3 -
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      MineValubleOres -
      Can't wait! Keep up the good work! The winner announcement s will be heir.
    1. danslayer5's Avatar
      danslayer5 -
      I was beginning to miss these contests. Reminded me of how much I remember LBP, good luck to all the creators!
    1. saintrowfan2's Avatar
      saintrowfan2 -
      What about this year?
    1. CuriousSack's Avatar
      CuriousSack -
      Hi saintrowfan2,

      I'm sorry to say that the "Anything Goes" Contest (LBPC16) of the end of last year has been the last official contest on this site. Most of the active members here have joined the site

      which has still a LBP section but is focussed on the new MM game "Dreams", which has been available in an early access version already. This new game will be the new reference for sandbox games and I can assure you that it has incredible possibilities and you can do unbelievable things with it! So off to new horizons!

      Many greetings, Jürgen^^