• Community Contest - #LBPTwoOfAKind

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    Create Matching Costumes for Two Different Characters!

    It's time for a new Community Contest and we're hosting a doubles costume party...
    So we want to see you make the best #LBPTwoOfAKind costumes that you can!

    But! We want to make things just a little bit trickier for you!
    We want you to make your #LBPTwoOfAKind costumes using two different characters !

    So that's your challenge - Create a #LBPTwoOfAKind Costume Pairing using Two Different Characters!
    Do you think you have got what it takes to design one of the best costume pairings at the party?
    It just wouldn't be a party without some goodie bags though and we will be giving away five prize packages to our five favourite #LBPTwoOfAKind entries!

    Each Prize Package will contain:

    How To Enter
    Want the chance to win one of these party goodie bags?
    Just follow these steps:

    • Select two characters from Sackboy, OddSock, Toggle and Swoop, then create a #LBPTwoOfAKind Costume Pairing using these two different characters.
    • Tweet @LittleBigPlanet with up to 4 screenshots of your chosen costume pairing with the hashtag #LBPTwoOfAKind.

    Additional Rules
    We really want you to think outside the box for this contest...
    So here is a quick summary of things to avoid when selecting your two characters!

    • You cannot have two of the same character in your screenshots.
    • For the purpose of this contest, we are treating Big Toggle and Little Toggle as a single character.
      So you cannot have Big Toggle and Little Toggle as a single pairing in your screenshots.
      You can use either Big Toggle or Small Toggle but you must pair your chosen Toggle with Sackboy, OddSock or Swoop.
    • For the same reason, Sackboy (and Sackgirl) are being treated as a single character too.
      So you cannot have a Sackboy and a Sackgirl as your single pairing.
    • You cannot have more than two characters in your screenshots.
      The purpose of this contest is to show us your best paired costumes.
      Group costumes consisting of more than two characters will be disqualified.

    Creation Advice

    • Your #LBPTwoOfAKind costumes may either be thematically similar costumes or visually identical costumes.
    • Try to create Original Characters instead of existing characters that you have seen from movies, TV, comics or other video games.
    • This contest is not restricted to two players. You may use Sackbots wearing costumes for this contest.
    • Don't forget that you can use SHARE on PlayStation 4 to take higher quality screenshots in LittleBigPlanet 3. Just tap the SHARE button on your controller to open the SHARE menu and then press Triangle to Save Screenshot. Screenshots will be saved to Capture Gallery > LittleBigPlanet 3.

    Terms and Conditions
    Just a few quick rules regarding this contest that we need to state...
    It is a party but we need to have a few house rules to make sure that nobody has their fun spoiled!

    • Tweet @LittleBigPlanet your paired costumes with #LBPTwoOfAKind to be entered into the contest.
    • Entries must be received by March 1st 2018 -11:59 AM GMT.
    • 5 x Winners will be selected from the eligible entries and our decision on the winning entries is final.
    • Winners will receive 1x Prize Crown redemption code, 1x LittleBigPlanet Cap redemption code and 1x Sackboy Figurine. Winners will be contacted by @LittleBigPlanet to arrange delivery of their prizes.
    • You may work with another player to create a costume each for a joint entry and we may award an additional Prize Crown redemption code and LittleBigPlanet Cap redemption code for winning entries that were joint entries but this is at our sole discretion.
    • ONLY 1x Sackboy Figure will be delivered to the nominated address of the Twitter account that submitted the entry.

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