• LittleBig Music Charts

    Hi community,

    maybe that you've noticed, that LBFMusic is preparing a new feature, the "LittleBig Music Charts"! The "LB Music Charts" will be a regular ranking of custom LBP music. In each episode you will find the actual top 10 songs and additional 5 new song suggestions as candidates for the music charts. Each song can stay in the ranking list for maximum 3 episodes to guarantee a sufficient variety.
    The ranking will be based on a poll-system, which we hope to get installed in all LBP forums to involve as many LBP players as posssible.
    The "LittleBig Music Charts" level is already in the test phase! I've uploaded a video demonstration to youtube...

    In the next step we want to search interested musicians to be part of episode 01. So if you've created a cool song (of any genre) as a candidate to become the first number 1 hit of the "LittleBig Music Charts" or if one of your friends is creating music, then contact me here or in any of the other LBP forums!

    For more info watch my threads on LBFMusic...


    Thanks and many greetings, Jürgen^^
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