• LBPC16 - Anything Goes


    The bestest, most funnest, amazingly awesome, overtly cool level wins! Whatever you can do in LBP3 and publish is fine. Make us laugh, make us cry, scare us into a frenzy, challenge our minds and skills, or make our hearts glow till they burst!! Make a fun mini game, a penultimate platformer, or a maybe a giant epic adventure.. Whatever you want! Anything you can imagine from the game that was all about imagination! Just impress the socks off us and you take home the prize.


    • Create a level/adventure. It can be anything that's possible in LBP3
    • The level/adventure has to be a previously unpublished level/adventure for this contest
    • The level/adventure has to be playable by one player
    • The deadline is the 31st of December 2018
    • After the deadline, do not republish. Levels republished after the deadline will be disqualified. Exceptions may be made for quick fixes with respect to level titles, description, badges, but only with the prior consent of the contest crew. If you need to request an edit, please post in this thread or send us a PM.
    • Include (LBPC16) in your level title and post an link here in this thread


    • 1st place: Crown and LBP Cap, LBPCentral Pin, and 50$/€ psn gift card
    • 2nd place: LBP Cap, LBPCentral Pin, and 30$/€ psn gift card
    • 3rd place: LBP Cap, LBPCentral Pin, and 20$/€ psn gift card

    Q: Can I create anything?
    A: Yes, your imagination is the only limit

    Q: Can I build different kinds of levels for one entry?
    A: Yes you can, just make sure to link the levels together and/or have them in a Adventure (your choice)

    Q: How many levels can I submit?
    A: You set the limit. Create as much as you want.

    Q: Can I create with friends?
    A: Yes you can.

    Q: What if my friends and I win?
    A: Whoever publishes the level/adventure gets the prize, everyone involved gets the LBP cap

    Q: What if the winner already has the crown?
    A: The 2nd place might get it.

    Q: Do contestants have to be members of LBPCentral?
    A: Yes. To receive prizes, the winners will be contacted by private message here.

    Wanna join this contest and create something? That's the spirit! Be creative, LBP community!

    This will be the last contest here at LBPC.
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