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A new rating system, block option, and fansite picks pages

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I remember a long time ago, we had an update that was very upsetting. What it really done was to remove the boo feature, add the disable feature, and improve dive in. The removal of the boo created a bad impact on the cool pages, allowing allowing more Mortal Kombat levels, bomb survivals, shark survivals, and at the beginning, levels complaining about the update. Not to mention, we had all these glitches. I'm actually glad that the boo removal is gone because nobody has booed my levels in a while, as I don't want "Glow World" to be booed upon, but what feature is even crazier is the ability to disable comments and reviews in levels and profile. It's just not blocking trolls, but it's also blocking innocent people. Even trolls are abusing this. This is why I came up with these ideas, which can reverse Update 1.12 in some way and come up with a way to improve the community.

The Rating System:

Somewhere after Update 1.12 and before Update 1.13, I came up with an idea on a new rating system. I do like the idea of having the boo removed because people can't boo my levels. Trolls have abused this rating. Some people say the boo removal is a test, but it's permanent. The boo rating is only good to tell if a level is poorly made or copied, or other things. I once booed this level because of an impossibly hard part. There's even a double ring checkpoint rather than an infinite life checkpoint. I even reviewed it, complaining about that part. Thanks to my constructive criticism, the creator fixed it, so I un-booed it. But now with the boo rating gone, I can't do things like that anymore. Some creators will refuse to accept criticism, but most creators wouldn't mind.

Here's the new rating system. I have came up with the rating system based on the scale from 1 to 10. I think I talked about this before on my blog too, but the scale from 1 to 10 works better. 1 to 3.9 will be our new boo, and 7.0 to 10.0 is our new yay. A rating a 4.0 to 6.9 will be neutral, which means you don't like or hate the level. A rating less than 1 means it's unrated, so it won't count. You can select what rating you want on the slider bar. It's possible that trolls would abuse this rating, but it will work better than the boo rating. People boo levels to grief others, but this time, I hope it won't.

What if we do put in this rating system, and trolls abused the low ratings (1 to 3.9)? Mabye Mm would take out the lower ratings, making the minimum of a 4. This is why trolls shouldn't even be playing online. If they're going to post hate comments and not accept lessons, they should get offline and stay away from the internet. The more ratings there are, the less significant the low ratings will be (if the high ratings take over). So let's say you have really good levels, and then some troll comes in and gives minimum score to all levels. It won't have effect.

This idea may also have flaws. Like I said before, trolls may abuse the low ratings. But what else is there? Some people who would hate this level a lot would write a review saying "I give this level a 0 if I could" or something like that. Back on, it is against the rules to say that you'll give a TV show a 0 out of 10 in your reviews. The minimum rating should be 1, and you're not allowed to mention that you will give the show a 0, unless if you want to get banned. However, that's a different story. There could be some other disadvantages to this idea, but it's more of a great idea to me.

Block Option:

People have been wanting this for a long time. We finally have something like that, but it's a horrible one. You can disable your reviews and comments. I disabled my profile comments because of the conflict I had with this troll. It blocked him, but it's blocking innocent people too. And trolls are abusing this rating. They can disable their comments, but still post hate comments on others' profiles. They can even disable private messaging, making them extremely powerful. Nobody should have that much power online. They can also annoy people by posting levels they (not the trolls) hate. With the boo option out, the only way to be negative is to write a review, but then, the troll will disable reviews, not accepting criticism at all. Imagine if IGN disabled reviews. This is what the new option is like. If you can't accept criticism, then you shouldn't even make anything until you can accept criticism.

This is why a more precise block option is needed. Somebody suggested this a long time ago, where if you block somebody on LBP, he/she can't view your levels or profile. You won't get any comments from that user, nor would you have the user play your levels. You also can't see the user's comments or reviews. However, there is a trade-off. You can't view the user's profile or levels, your comments will be invisible to the user you blocked, and if you heart any levels made by the user you block, they won't be on your hearted levels. The only ones who can see evidence are those not involved in the conflict. So this will block trolls, but not innocent people. It will also take away the superpower the trolls have. I think this block option is a good idea, and it should replace the ability to disable comments/reviews on levels/profiles.

Fansite Pick Pages:

So what do we have here? Mm Picks, Cool Pages, Newest levels, Busiest levels, Most played levels, Most hearted levels, Highest rated levels, and Lucky dip. What's missing? Well, we should have pages containing the LBP Community Spotlight rather than hubs. So here's what should be there: A page on LBP Community Spotlight, a page on Little Big Network Picks, a page on Little Big Land Picks, a page on Little Big Picks, and a page on the Japanese fansite picks. We can access the levels to see what fansites really like. If we have the other pages, then why not these?

That's all for these ideas, but I still have more.

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