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Halloween Fair Plans

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I know it's not already October. In fact, it's not even fall, but it's already September, so I should divulge the plans I have when I get to run a Halloween Fair. I'm already grown up, but I need college education to start a business or something like that. First, I will go over how I came up with the Halloween Fair. And then, I will show the plans.

I thought of a festival that would make Halloween better a long time ago, like 2004. I stopped Trick-or-Treating since 2002 (when I was still a kid), but it's still a fun holiday to decorate for. Every year, I think of better plans, but when I get to the time where I can run a Halloween Fair, I should start it with the plans I have in the future.

Now here are some plans that may not be accepted by me in the future, but I would like to post them here to see what you think of my ideas. The park will have 12 attractions. I will list them all.

Halloween Fair

A. Monster Go-Around
B. Spooky Ferris Wheel
C. The Grim Mills
D. Ghost Ship
E. Twirl-a-Whirl - Skull Edition
F. Jack-o-Lantern Festival
G. Castle Slide
H. Spooky Balloons
I. Witches Island
J. Haunted House
K. Mirror Maze
L. Creepy Caves

From that list, if you seen the attractions labeled C, F, I, and L, those are the attractions that are sections of the festival that contain 4 attractions each. So in that case, it should total up to 24 attractions.

The Grim Mills:

The Grim Mills is actually a mall, but it's a small one, and it contains only four stores or attractions. They can't divide any further, but there's more than one thing to do in some attractions. Like most amusement parks, the four attractions in the Grim Mills are good ideas, and if we don't have them, where are we going to eat or get souvenirs?

1. Activity Center
2. Arcade
3. Gift Shop
4. Food Court

Jack-o-Lantern Festival:

The #1 mascot for Halloween (as well as the horror films and games) is the Jack-o-Lantern. I was thinking of a section exclusively for Jack-o-Lanterns and pumpkins. Like the Grim Mills, attractions of the Jack-o-Lantern Festival can't divide any further, but there's more you can do per attraction.

1. Jack-o-Lantern making center
2. Pumpkin Cups
3. Graveyard Tours
4. Carnival Games

Witches Island:

The #1 most important thing about Halloween is candy and costumes. I was thinking of a section that resembles a swamp, and the witches are like tour guides in this section. This section is good enough for a small Halloween Fair if we don't include the rest. Once again, attractions don't divide further, but there's more to do in one attraction.

1. Costume Contest
2. Trick-or-Treating Scavenger Hunt
3. Magic Show
4. Storytelling Center

Creepy Caves:

Monsters are scary and play an important role for Halloween, so we should have a section for them. Caves will do enough rather than another haunted house. They are artificial caves though. Like said in the other three sections, attractions can't divide any further, but there's more to do on each attraction.

1. Shooting Gallery
2. Ghost Train
3. Fortune-Telling Center
4. Dark Dwelling Adventure

Additional Details:

I did name the attractions, but I didn't go over the descriptions, but I would go over some to avoid confusion.

1. Six of the eight rides in the main part are the carousel, ferris wheel, spiral slide, chairswing, twirler, and pirate ship. They were all re-named and re-decorated. Spooky Balloons has hot-air balloon shaped seats rather than chairs suspended from the top. The Haunted House and Mirror Maze are walkthrough rides like normal, and scary.

2. The Activity Center from the Grim Mills has three different activities, which are making Halloween Crafts, examining models, and the puppet show.

3. The arcade from the Grim Mills has fifteen arcade games whereas the carnival game section from the Jack-o-Lantern Festival has nine carnival games.

4. The Shooting Gallery is based off of Astro Blasters from Disneyland and several other rides with the similar concept. Also, the Shooting Gallery has monsters as targets.

5. The Dark Dwelling Adventure is a walkthrough section of the Creepy Caves, just like the haunted house, but only cave style.

6. The Jack-o-Lantern making center is where you can make your own Jack-o-Lantern, but there will be no real pumpkins. It's just plastic instead.

7. Pumpkin Cups is a variation of the tea cups ride, except that cars are shaped like pumpkins that rotate and revolve around the giant pumpkin.

8. Graveyard Tours is another walkthrough attraction, but it's the only outdoor walkthrough. It takes you through the graveyard and pumpkin gardens.

That's all I have for this blog entry.

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