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This idea is based on the 3-D Glitch, where you can add extra layers. First of all, to add this feature, the 3-D Glitch needs to be fixed where nobody can use it anymore, but it doesn't mean they can't add layers to the front or back. If we have a feature, we can create a background rather than glitch the level to have your own background. First, there should be a section called background designer. It will take you out of "My Moon" like the tutorials, but only a section where you can design your background.

In the Background Designer, you can only go up to 12 layers, and the front layer will be behind but touching the back layer from the play layers. A custom background like that will take up only 10% of the thermometer rather than the 3-D glitch which takes up a lot of the thermometer. You can add animations to the background, as well as lights.

Here's a good example of what uses this feature. Let's say you want to make a forest like the Piney Woods. You can use the materials to make the trees, and place a lot of trees over the grass. You can add cabins, monster trucks, and deer too. You can even use an animated waterfall. Once put together, you have your very own custom forest background.

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  1. bluesteel789's Avatar
    Interesting. A possible problem is that it would take a long time to filll that huge space. However, it would be fantastic, and it would make levels a lot more individual.