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My 90th blog entry

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So here we are! It's been about six months since I joined Little Big Planet Central. I was around the world, I mean going to random forums such as the LBP2 forums and the General forums, and I meet people that I don't see on other forums from this same site. My favorite part about Little Big Planet Central is the blogging feature. Anybody can write one entry, as a few can write up to ten entries, but only the more journalistical users can exceed 50 entries. It's true that I don't have the largest blog on LBP Central yet, but I have written more than anybody else within one year on LBP Central. And look where I am now. I'm at my 90th entry! I have ten more to go to get to the 100 mark.

Back when I first registered for LBP Central, I did so to follow my friend I met on the PSN back in November. He went for attention, to get popular so he can get his pin collection done. I came here not just to follow my friend, but to find out why I'm not popular. I can also get a chance to get Mm Picked. He left LBP Central because he couldn't get spotlighted, but I stayed to chat with the best of the community. I said multiple times that my goal is to get Mm Picked, but back when I written my 15th entry, I said I might give up on Mm Picks. If I said so, I should really mean it, because if there's anything I would like to be remembered for, it would be my blog. Nobody has made it to the 100 entry mark, and I could be the first one to get there. That is the one thing I want the most from LBP or LBP Central.

My Experience on Blogging:

I am more disappointed at my first three entries on my blog, because they were short or not very exciting. I made that complaint entry on South Park's Season 14 because people have complained about it a lot, and I written it to change the subject after Update 1.12. And that first one is out of date. I no longer have that avatar of Red herself. I have an avatar of Red with another girl, and a profile picture of seven apples. Of course, I written three entries in a row that got deleted. A moderator deleted one because I was specifically naming someone else. The golden rule is "No Naming No Shaming". For the other two, I deleted one because I find it as spam and the other one was deleted because I didn't want to make a political reference, but I already did bring up Obamacare twice on this blog.

After the first ten entries, I came in to record entries on my experience on LBP Central, LBP, and track down some interesting stuff like those fact blogs. Of course, I can't forget "The Grim Days of Little Big Planet" and the level creation tips from the second ten entries. When I got to the half-way mark, I've been writing blogs that I can easily categorize like Studio Quest and the LBP Quiz. I see that nobody really cares about Studio Quest. I'm all done with that, but here's the interesting thing. Every ten entries I write, I name it after the blog number I written, and it's the last entry from each category. I call these entries "Ten-entry marks". Here's what each ten-entry mark is about:

10th entry - apology for my negativity about trolls and Update 1.12.
20th entry - about the month of June.
30th entry - about my profile and user settings.
40th entry - my blog from the past and future.
50th entry - my experience on the forums.
60th entry - about how bad summer was this year in the US.
70th entry - my experience on
80th entry - my true opinion on the controversies of LBP and an apology for helping other complain about the cool pages.

And finally

90th entry - my experience on blogging.

But what will I write on my 100th entry when I get there? We may never know until the time. I should be able to get there on the 16th of September. And yes, I will be writing on September 11th, but I'll try not to be offensive about it.

If you are wondering why I am writing today, I have a day off from school due to labor day.

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  1. gamerguy5432's Avatar
    My birthday is on September 11. You could instead write about how great I am. I'm sure everyone would like to read that.
  2. Apple2012's Avatar
    That would be nice, but I can write anything down if I wish, but I will never forget your birthday. While 9/11 is a bad day for almost everyone, it's a good day to you.