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Party Time, Excellent!

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So this weekend we had my daughter's Sweet 16 Birthday Party. It was a stressful week leading up to it and then Saturday, the day of the party, made that stress look like nothing! Everyone running around here and there trying to get stuff ready and then it's time to leave. She wanted to have it out at this place that's way, way out in the country, even further than we live now! It's a restaurant with an outside dance area. The have a huge concrete dance spot and a stage at one end. Great food BTW. Had one of the biggest Bacon Cheeseburgers I've ever had!

My brother-in-law and I had the most important job of the evening, pick up the cake and get it to the place. So B-I-L, me and my twins head over to pick up the cake. I get there and the cake looks freakin' fantastic and just as I pick it up, my phone rings. The wife says, "did you get the camera?" "No" I says, "I thought you got it. Look around in your car to make sure." She pauses and says that nope, she doesn't have it and that I'd have to go all the way back to the house to get it. :/ Cake lady says for me to go get the camera and then come back to get the cake so as to have less chance of messing it up. So back to the house we go. Get to the house and look around and don't see the camera. I call the wife and ask her to look in her car again. She yells, "I don't have it!" Please just look again, I tell her. Long pause. Wife answers, "oh....I do have it. sorry." Back to the cake lady. get the cake and now it's a thirty minute drive out to this place and B-I-L and I are sweating it. I'm driving like I have 10 dozen raw eggs in the back. We make it there, cake intact and all is well. Have dinner, the band hits the stage and they are killin' it. They mostly sing country covers but did some light rock songs as well and they just sounded great. We danced into the night and left the joint around 1:30am and after dropping off some kiddos, got home around 2:30 and crashed in the beds.

Glad this one is over...well, until the twins are 16 anyways.


  1. Lady_Luck__777's Avatar
    Lol, I love it.
    You have such an entertaining way of telling the story!
    Can't wait to see the pics.
    Please tell "H" Happy Birthday from us.
    Good job Dad!
  2. nirvana's Avatar
    lol great story, rogue. glad everything came together in the end.