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Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Well it is that time of year again. Fair and Rodeo time! We're showing rabbits again and went and got 14 of the little furrballs last weekend. Tag in was Wednesday. That's where we have to load up the rabbits and take them to where the Show is being held and you have to stand in line a long time. You fill out your paperwork and pay your money and finally get up to the table. You pull out your bunnies one at a time and place them on the table where the guy puts an ink tattoo in your bunny's ear. So, got through all that.

Thursday, I take the girls out to feed their rabbits and work them. I'm over at the water faucet filling water bottles and hear one of my twins saying, "come on bunny, wake up. wake up." I look over and she's flipping this obviously dead rabbit, back and forth. I get this look on my face:

and go over to the cage and let her know that no, he's not sleeping, he's dead. She took it pretty well. I take "care" of the deceased bunny and we leave. Then doggone if last night I didn't find another dead rabbit in the same cage! So I moved those out of that cage and into another one, just in case there is something up with that cage. I've got the breeder going out to look at them here in a little bit so he can see if there is anything wrong with them. This is ridiculous, that's $80 gone! Hope the others make it and make it to auction.

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I have done absolutely nothing on my levels. :/ Just haven't had the time.


  1. Ayneh's Avatar
    Must be a virus one had or something nasty in the cage like you said. One of my friends who works on a chicken farm has had experience with the same situation and that entire shed gets quarantined once birds start to flop.

    Hope it stays isolated to one cage. If it was a bug maybe it needed close contact to spread.
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