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lbp vita first impression: all of what you love, except for...

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As you guys know NA has received lbpv early

Here are my first impressions on the game in terms of what you guys may and may not have heard of.


The game is stunning. Shadows are crisper, textures are great, and models look fantastic.

Unfortunatly, lighting doesn't have any fog options (oh well), and fire (no offence) looks dreadful (its the usual palette swap, but with WAY worse flame effects).

The fire is only really a problem when it comes to the projectile and hologram /sticker panel material. Both of them have the whole palette swap thing going so when you use fire projectiles in the creatinator, it doesn't look good (seriously, don't expect lbp2 amazingness from the fire projectile)


its the standard lbp fair w/ added touch. touch works wonders and really helps the game it terms of flow and creativness.


the music and stingers are great (as usual), and the music seqeuncer objects sound good.

the only gripe is that the options for audio are cut far too much in comparison to lbp2. You have no reverb option for the sequence, no effect option for the global tweek, just volume control (which is REALLY a drag for all you musicians and voice actors).

Create mode:

Its just as you remember it (though w/ minor touch changes). The UV tool is much more awesome, most tools now let you lasso what you want to select, and the touch controls work great.

The corner editor is a + and - in terms of lbp2. the + is due to the fact that you can now edit more than one corner at a time. The - is because while on an object, the editor doesn't stick to the object shape, meaning that creating new vertices is tricky.

Haven't tried the memorizor, but i may soon.


The additions are grade A but can be sorta outweighed by what they didn't include. I know that the system has limits, thus I understand the lack of fog options in lights. However, i don't really understand why there aren't more options for audio. I remember Tarsier and Mm saying that nothing was taken out (or more like, everything you know from lbp2 is there) and that's not 100% true.

So, here's a bitty question:

What do you folks think of lbpv, and what do you think about the missing features?
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  1. blastroid's Avatar
    They fixed the randomizer so I give them props for that.