The Weirdest Day

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Yay! My first blog! You wouldn't believe how crazy today was at school. Here's the breakdown:

  1. Water Bottles, Flashcards, and Lockdowns: Between first and second hour, I accidentally dropped my almost full "Sturdy" water bottle and it shattered into pieces. Then in the turmoil of water everywhere, I forgot my flashcard holder. While I was by my locker getting the flashcards and filling my new water bottle from my principal, a yellow-card lockdown was announced because a student had a seizure, and I was forced to go into the nearest room, the computer lab. Luckily I didn't miss anything too bad in second period.
  2. Silence!: At lunch, I was reading to my friends, but today was unusually quiet. Then I remembered: there's a heat wave over us, and everyone wanted to play outside while they could. I felt rude interrupting the silence. :S
  3. From Art to Kindergarteners: In art, I was released early to play outside with the kindergarteners, and they were ecstatic seeing us. Then they took us in and showed us a play they made about Fortitude, which was all they did. We were released back into our homerooms early, and I got a subject of homework done.
  4. Homework?: Finally, as my bus was about to leave, I realized that I forgot my Language Arts homework, which was an essay, so I couldn't possibly miss that. Even worse, the bus driver then missed a stop, so he had to turn back onto the busy highway to drop that student off, and I returned home 10 minutes late because of that.

Whew! I am in shock of today. If only one of those four happened, I would still be amazed, but all four on the same day? :O