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My Evaluation of LBP2, LBPV, and LBPK

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I have all three games of Little Big Planet from the second generation (LBP2, LBPV, LBPK) and got all of the LBP2 story DLCs (Toy Story, Muppets, Move Pack, Cross Controller Pack). Anyway, at this time, I can evaluate all three games.

Little Big Planet 2 - LBP2 was the game I played the longest. It's safe to say that LBP2 is actually not as good as it used to be. Yeah, they not only have a variety of items, but the materials, objects, music, backgrounds, and sounds are no worse than LBPV and LBPK. The same applies to stickers and decorations and costumes. I liked the sticker panel and other animated materials (i.e. holographic metal, rusty tracks, radioactive hazard etc.). They also have pretty neat create tools. And pin collecting is the easiest in LBP2. And the multiplayer feature doesn't lag as bad. Now when I talk about story mode and the community, my opinions are very ambivalent. The community had some pretty good levels, as I liked their platformers and games, including the Mm Picks. Meanwhile, the cool pages is LBP2's biggest problem. Sure that I do think they should stay that way because the target audience really likes these trashy levels, and if we take care of this once and for all, LBP2 may become a ghost town except for those who don't care about the cool pages or hate how they became spammy. We only can go up to 5,000 a day rather than 10,000. But the levels in the cool pages really suck. And while we keep putting sanctions on the same guy who spams the cool pages, he keeps opening up loopholes. Now we have no hope. And for the story mode, I think the mini-games are fun as I liked the vending machine idea. And the themes are familiar. The difficulty isn't that bad either. But I don't seem to like the plot that much anymore. It's more like a child's plot to me.

As for the DLCs, I liked the Move Pack and really liked the Cross Controller Pack. You can use additional components to play these games.

Here are the scores for LBP2:

Costumes - 10/10
Stickers and decorations - 9/10
Story mode (plot) - 8/10
Story mode (gameplay) - 9/10
Create mode objects - 10/10
Create mode tools - 9/10
Create mode controls - 10/10
Overall - 9/10

Little Big Planet Vita - LBPV is much better than LBP2. The plot was better, it has better create tools (i.e. touch sensor), the cool pages aren't as bad, and the arcade feature is excellent. Sure that the games are hard, but whoever designed these games is a genius. I even think LBPV made mini-game making better than what LBP2 has. However, the only REAL big deal about LBPV is the costumes. It's not that I don't like the costumes (I really don't care about what we have), it's that I've been used to the costumes in LBP2, especially the costume pieces I used to make my Lola costume. Yes, I am a guy, but I like playing a female character. My Lola costume is actually based on a science fiction story I'm writing, which takes place on a floating city in the 41st century. The girl the costume resembles is even the main character. The costume pieces I used were the ponytail wig, the Andreas Scarf, the Ceceila Coat and Dress, and the Wellington boots. Yes, I also used the tracksuit bottoms, but it appears that none of these costume pieces are in LBPV. I think I read somewhere that all non-DLC costumes and items from LBP1/LBP2 are exclusive to their own games, but that's not what I like. This is what my character looks like:

If I had a choice between getting Mm Picked, the crown, rare DLCs that I missed out, or the costumes piece I mentioned/used in the Lola costume (as seen in picture above) remade for LBPV, I would rather go with the costume pieces to make the Lola costume being remade.

I'm also not happy with the mini-games in LBPV (especially Collision Course and Flower Pop). I think they are so difficult, and the skill point system is no better than the vending machines (at least the scoreboard has more options). And what else is wrong with story mode is that the platformers/main path levels are rediculously long, making acing harder. At least I got that done (including the Ace in Spades 18 pin), but it's still too long. The plot is what I liked about LBPV in comparison to LBP2. But the bottom line is that LBPV is better than the other two LBP games mentioned in the blog. Create mode is a lot better. I never seen the memorizer in LBP2. There are more tweak options (like set follower to a specific player). And the biggest advantage, I can play it anywhere. My TV is hooked up to a network of TVs in the house, and if something goes wrong with the electronics cabinet (the mastermind of TV and cable in the house), the TVs don't seem to show anything on screen. My PS3 is even hooked up to it. But not my Vita. If something goes wrong with the electronics cabinet, my Vita is unaffected (although it doesn't connect). I can play the Vita in bed, in another room, in the car, and in the hotel.

So here are my scores for LBPV:

Costumes - 7/10
Stickers and Decorations - 8/10
Story mode (plot) - 9/10
Story mode (gameplay) - 6.5/10
Create mode objects - 9/10
Create mode tools - 10/10
Create mode controls - 9/10
Arcade - 9/10
Overall - 9.5/10

Little Big Planet Karting - Now this is the game where I'm not happy about (at least it isn't potent to go below 8/10 in overall score). I even prefer LBP2 more. I don't mind racing games, and this is sure better than Lego Racers, Mario Kart, and stuff you see in an arcade. So LBPK pwns other racing games, but LBP2 and LBPV pwns LBPK. And here's why. LBPK has very complicated controls in create mode. I liked the fact it's 3-D, but I don't like it that it's the L1/R1 buttons to undo/redo. I preferred the D-Pad buttons to pause/play, hover/land, undo, and redo, which these buttons are now to resize and rotate objects. And you have to use the L3 buttons to change the thickness of materials. Seriously, this is LBPK's major flaw, but the track designer is great. I liked that we can design our own karts too. It's create mode that is hard. I also don't like the sticker bug. Thanks to some bug or glitch, I got around the bug, and stickered the hair of the racer (and yes, it's the same Lola I posted a picture in the entry), but the sticker bug is a big problem to costumes. Another problem in LBPK is the plot. It's stupid. And the worst part, in comparison to the other racing games, LBPK is much harder, even on casual mode. I hated Stuck in a Jam the most of the LBPK mini-games. But for the whole game, I'm not alone. A lot of us are disappointed in the game.

Here are the scores:

Costumes - 9/10
Stickers and decorations - 7/10
Story Mode (plot) - 6/10
Story Mode (gameplay) - 7/10
Create mode objects - 8/10
Create mode tools - 8/10
Create mode controls - 7/10
Karts - 10/10
Overall - 8/10

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