Progess into the End

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It's been a while sense my last post to my blog, but in that time I have done significant creation towards my level! I've created several platforms that I will use for the level and the progress was going really well... at least until yesterday. It was yesterday that I witnessed my constant problem that I get from LBP: Creator's Block! It's a problem that I always get when my level it turning really well! I will constantly think about all the levels I have played that seem better and all the tips that make a level stand out, I've tried several methods to combat this problem and have found a personal solution!

The solution is one I had tried, but forgotten about. It's simply getting out of create mode and drawing out the infinite possibilities on paper. Doing this got me out of my terrible jam. Anyways, I've finally gotten the intro down exactly as I want it and am now basically working ion filling in all the gaps that I have in between the levels main body! I feel that the biggest problem will be the ending to come, but I have had a great idea that I plan to use! Anyways, I've heard a lot of talk about the levels others have in progress and it seems like this will be a great contest! To all those partaking, good luck!