To be or not to be (spotlighted)

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Yesterday I shared my opinion about the community spotlights.
What I said was not taken with a constructive mood, and a *****storm began.
Posts containing even apologizies were erased, and I'm here now, trying to wash away the d!ck image that message deletion printed on me.

I apologize with the staff once again, since I appreciate their work, God bless you, still I think that the system is getting broken.
And it's not the staff the only responsible, but in a certain way, every user as well.

My point is that the spotlight system doesn't work anymore.
It's a series of factors, the first being the overall quality of the levels, the second being the lack of clearness in the judgement system.
I state again that I don't believe in bias, I don't believe in conspiracy and not even to black lists.

I believe that the choice is highly subjective and not something more mathematic.
I know that a level should not be judged with a math equation, but not doing it disappoints people.
Since even the most crappy creator puts a lot of time and sweat in creating a level.
Not being recognized is not good, not getting recognized without a reason is worse.
I think that it's highly hypocrite to say that we build levels for our own selves.
It's not true, and the reason is because those levels are made for others, and that's the reason why we published them.'s for own selves, or better for our ego...

So, as long as I respect each and every spotlighter and other users here, I still think that the system used for the spotlight doesn't work.

I had a tip from a flying bird that every spotlighter play EVERY level, gives a vote, and then there's a sum to see what status every level reaches.
I personally don't think that this system works flawlessly.
We have levels based only on visuals, or only on gameplay, or stories but that don't try to get overall experiences.
An overall experience relies on multiple factors, not only one.

I remember that the earliest spotlights had wonderul levels, levels that were pushing the game further on every direction, new ideas, new ways to use objects, new logics, etcetera...

Lately it's clear that the overall quality has take huge leaps, but the real unforgettable experiences are less and lesser.
As I see things today, the spotlight has become the recognization of average levels.
A high average, but still an average, and it's evident by the fact that most of the users play ONLY the spotlighted material.
You see presentation threads that are basically dead with 3-4 replys until they get spotlighted, then they zoom into the atmosphere, and you see levels that don't get visits even after being spotlighted.
The F4F is a wonderful idea, still, it happens multiple times that you have to chase people to get your feedback back, risking in some cases even hate backfires...
Still, in those huge spotlight lists of 15-20 levels the TRUE gems, levels to be remembered for outstanding quality, are not more than 3-4.

I see that making the spotlight huge favours the new blood and encourages them to go further, and it's good, but at the same time make everyone else believe that his level is a complete failure, while it's not always the case.

So I really encourage the stuff to redesign the mechanics behind the decision of the spotlight material, in a less emotional, subjective way, just to avoid delusions, and I also encourage them to post publically the voting system and the very votes, even in an anonimous way.

Will it reduce mumblings and rants, I don't know, but as a creator that would like to get better, I would prefer to know where I fail instead of feel only bitter for not being picked up.