My First Blog Entry

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I'm hyper and I could go on explain who I am and all that jazz, but feel free to checkout my profile or my signature to get to know me better from the community.

Luckily, there is not a lot of work for me to do in American College at the moment (I just started 2 weeks ago) so I thought I would add a blog post or something to my profile because I don't want it be showing 0 entries anymore, rawr.

I don't even know what I'm going to talk about so I guess I'll share some awesome recent stuff if you guys are interested.

So I finally got to go to my first meeting with a game club in my university which do all kinds of gaming events. There board games/card games and videogames and even planning a cosplay pageant which hopefully works out haha. This first meeting was awesome, eveyone was really nice and I got introduced to many board games I never even heard of before. I'm really looking forward to help plan out tournaments and stuff, especially for magic and next generation systems.

On the other note, my college has a TV Production room and they have a club for video production there. They have a channel in the town where they air movies and college skits. I took TV Production classes in high school and I'm really curious to check out the first meeting tomorrow. Everyone I met when I went to sign up were really nice and welcoming and gave me a customed TV stress ball thing with their logo on it!

Besides my College Life, even with trying to get a Job and all that, I guess I can share what I am up to nowadays on LBP.

There has been a project in the works for months now, but development is going really slow since it's really enormous to pull off. So, time is being taken with that. On the other hand, I recently joined the LBPC Spotlight Crew and I'm helping out on the LBN team. They all have giving me a nice, warm welcome and the first episode I helped work on (120) was really fun and I enjoyed participating in the Karting and Vita spotlights as well. Everyone is so nice and they are very hardworking people and I am happy to be a part of their team.

I have been working on another script (I already wrote a 42 paged play and a 32 paged script for a project) that shouldn't be as big as those two writing projects, but big enough to hopefully make a mini episode at my college for the TV club and maybe make it come to life and have other small episodes if it's a success. I'm not even sure if that is going to happen, but I like to see what I can come up with. It's a drama/comedy of 3 college room mates and a back story is being told while the actual story is happening for some foreshadowing. I wanted to make it different than my other writing pieces, so if my work load is not big this week and after I do my part this week in LBP, I'll be sure to finish it up and get some opinions from people before I pitch it in.

Oh yeah, I have been assisting on making a videogame with a couple of friends, but I have not been able to help a lot because I've been extra busy, but I always check and give advice and stuff.

One way I usually help them out now is 3d Modelling. Now I haven't done anything special, but I learned Blender and love using it. I'm glad it's like a second nature to me too, just like I hope programming will be after I complete my major in CS and a minor in communications.

On a last note: Breaking Bad and GTAV!

I completely got an over reacted shocked after watching tonight's Breaking Bad. It was just intense and could have been the ending but there is two more episodes left. I know its about bad stuff like drugs but it's the story that counts, and OMG it delivers.

GTAV is another historic launch day and everyone is getting prepped for the midnight launch and everyone is going crazy haha. Tons of perfect reviews and everyone is pumped around here taking off sick days. It's another record to add to videogame history!

That's pretty much all I can say for now, haha. Thanks for reading my rant and I hoped you enjoyed it I think! XD