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I Got the Heebie-Jeebies! with pics!

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Wow! Long time since I made an entry.
So today I'm reading through the newspaper and read this article about two old cars that were pulled out of this lake in Oklahoma. It said the lake was Foss Lake and I said, "hey, I used to swim in that lake." and continued to read the story. Here's the gist of the story. Now keep in mind that this lake is kind of in the middle of nowhere and is a small lake.
The local law enforcement were out at the lake testing some newly acquired sonar and dive equipment. The sonar picked up some large metal under the water so divers went down to see what it was. It was two cars. They haul the cars out of the water and discover the remains of six people! One car was a '69 Chevy Camaro and the other was a '50s model Chevy. They believe that they found the remains of three teens who went missing in 1970. 1970! The make and model of the Camaro is the same that one of the teens owned. The other car is believed to be linked to three people who went missing in 1969. So it's believed that these cars have been down there for 43 years!
The cars were only in 12 feet of water and less than 50 feet from the boat ramp. Why were these cars never noticed before? Well, the water is pretty muddy and visibility is six inches at best.
Here's where I got the Heebie Jeebies. I used to swim in that EXACT spot! I've swam right over the top of those cars....over those skeletons! Man, that time a fish nibbled my toe..what if...what if it was ghost kid!?

Here are some photos of the cars pulled out.

The part of the water right above. I used to swim right across there. That's where the cars were!

The Cars

I wonder what happened to those people though. The cars were found side by side, facing opposite directions. I just wonder if it was murder and the murderer(s) pushed the cars in the water or what.


  1. hyperdude95's Avatar
    0.o now that is a story! Underwater has so many mysteries!
  2. avundcv's Avatar
    Yeah. This really is a story. What a scary imagination to swim in a lake and there are skeletons less then 10 feet under yours. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  3. Shooter0898's Avatar
    Well that wasn't expected.