Bry's Blog #2

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Woah! I can't believe that it took me this long to finally get around to posting my next blog entry,but here I am after almost 2 whole months! I guess I should change my idea of posting weekly or bi-weekly to something less demanding... maybe every month? Oh well, I'll see later!

Anyways, a lot has been happening in this past month and I feel that I can easily touch up on some of the more important events or at least events that vary from one another! :P

Let's begin with my LBP life!

It's been really quiet ever since school started, but I've found that I can squeeze in enough time during the week and especially the weekend to play and create - I mean work - on some levels! The expense, however, is sleeping much less than what doctors have prescribed the average teen to do so. Then again, I'm not the average teen at all, so you can't really judge me on that! :)
A big help on getting some playtime in was a tweet a saw from a fellow member here, whom I seem to have forgotten. The tweet was basically a quote stating, "Do it right the first time and move on." Or something along those lines, but you need to understand that I am very meticulous with school work to the point that I will erase all the work and do it over to make it look nicer! I have since then taken the given advice and applied it into my life. Results? Excellent! As I said, more LBP time!
Apart from that, I held my own contest here which turned out two entries, both winners, but I have yet to give one person his prize! I will do it as soon as possible though! :) Afterwards, I decided to hold another contest, which I recently canceled with the announcement of the Contest Crew's LBPC Eye Candy (Non-Crown Contest). It seems to have about the same rules as mine except my only downfall was the limited restriction I placed as well as the prize differences (I had yet to announce mine...)!
Speaking of the current LBPC contest, I have decided to enter it also. I plan to enter in the category of Fantasy although my level seems to be based more on nature right now! What can I call it? Fantastical Nature is what I had thought of before. :P I don't think I'll give to much detail, but you can have one word: hourglass.
There were two great decisions that I decided to take this past week! The first was closing in on my platinum trophy for LBP2! I can't believe that I still haven't earned it after all this time, but I don't think I'm alone at all! I was finally able to get the Dive in 25 trophy which turned out to be really easy and fun to get! I met a lot of people from the dark side of LBP and a great host of people who were really interesting! The second decision that turned out to be very fulfilling was the purchase of the Cross-Controller pack and The Nightmare Before Halloween pack. Both were great and I couldn't wait to get my hands on all the new objects from both; I'm a creator at heart, so duh! CC pack turned out to be my favorite because it was worth the price for the glorious objects and great story! I highly recommend that you check out the two if you have the money!

That's about all that I really plan on talking about from LBP for now, but I plan to give my blog more life by adding in some more fun things like special icons for each section and in-game pictures! All of that should come sooner or later!

Now then, let's move on to me in real life!

Life has been pretty smooth with the ease of getting into the habitual motion of life between school and home. I was expecting more from my freshmen year at high school, but it's been okay! My grades are phenomenal, but most of my classes are boring! Especially, geometry! I'd like to move on and learn about imaginary numbers like my friend is currently doing in Algrebra 2, but I can't. One of my favorite classes has been Latin II because of the ability to learn something that actually entertains me! Words can be so fun when no one knows what you are saying! Ooh! I just realized that I can be technically called a trilinguist!
Apart from school, I've had other new experiences in life! The biggest of which is contacts. I've been wearing my contacts for nearly two months now and I've gotten used to the entire process to stabbing my eye day in and day out to get a small lens inside and then cleaning and storing the darn thing in a mysterious solution! :P Just kidding! It's not as bad as I said it was, not harmful or dangerous! You should have seen me trying to get it in and then out at the doctor's office! It took nearly a full hour to do both things and they were only accomplished after he and his assistant both left the room! I can now put it in without seeing a mirror, which I find easier, and take it out within seconds. It has been a great boost in my life as it solved my sight problems at school that kept me from near-perfect grades! I recommend you get some if you have considered it, but have doubts. Don't trust the Internet when it comes to these types of things! Unless it's reasonably good! :P
Almost forgot to let this one go by! I mentioned a long time ago that I would be getting a drawing tablet for my Birthday and I finally got it! I was going to get the Wacom Bamboo Create, but it was discontinued before I could get it! I, however, am not disappointed! My new Wacom Intuous Creative Pen and Touch tablet does all I hoped for! I always wanted to draw the type of digital art that I had often admired and now I am able to do so! If I find enough time, that is. I have been experimenting and have started my own original character with her own story that I hope to present to you all by the next post! It wasn't easy getting started though. I made a mistake by thinking that drawing on here would be like creating in LBP! I expected to find tutorials that told you do something like this or like that, when, in reality, you are just using the tablet as an extension of your ability to draw. It's your skill not the instrument, so don't get a graphics tablet hoping that it will make you a better artist!

I think I've talked enough for one blog! And I promise that I'll do a better job of presentation and wording next time! If you read through the whole text then I congratulate you! Either way, thank you for taking the time to read/glance at my blog! It was fun doing all of this and hopefully I will do it again soon! Week? Two weeks? A month? Who knows, but I plan to continue doing this so stay tuned! [Insert closing catchphrase] :D