Fang's Random Gibberish (LBPC Edition)

Why am I here again...?

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I don't remember the last time being here. I don't really care.

All I know is that I will probably be off LBP for good as of now.

I recently got the K0RG M01D (I think it's spelt that way) synthesizer for my 3DS. Ever since my group basically died and our ambitions slowly realized that this stuff will never really give us credit in the real world, I've been only using LBP2 to express some music creativity since it's very accessible to the uneducated swine and casualries such as myself. The synthesizer lets me do exactly the same, except with better instruments and portability. Boom.

I don't really know why I came on here. I felt oddly nostalgic, I suppose. I've moved onto other things like RPG Maker, where it's easier for me to show my design prowess. Everything is much easier with actual programming, rather than logic-block based doodads. (Numbers!)

So far my favorite right now is Shin Megami Tensei IV. I highly encourage every JRPG player to at least try it. It's not the greatest in its series but it's really good quality handheld gaming. Hell, play any SMT. I've practically become an advocate/preacher of the series.

Otherwise, I have not much else to really contribute to this forum other than Misc. stuff and... watching other people. Curious how others are doing. I don't what else to say, other than, keep Playing Creating and Sharing.

You can follow me around on not-so-dead-places such as (recently today) DDS-Net, GrandMageFang on Youtube, RMN (RPG Maker Net) or really any site that has 'FangStiltzskin' or some variation thereof. It's all probably me. Kindof a longshot since I've been dead, I know, and it's really all ONE BIG SHAMELESS PLUGIN.

But if there's one thing Persona taught me, it's that Social Links are good. Friendship! It gets boring with only one or two people to talk with everyday.

Good luck guys, I guess.
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  1. Rpg Maker's Avatar
    Dood Persona 5...!

    Well I'd be in the group that would be very sad to see you go. You are one of the best music creators I have seen in LBP2. Anywho, LBP2 is dieing. It will be revived a bit once hub comes out, but I guess its the same old. I havent seen any real inspiring levels created.

    I probably will try some rpg makers next. We got each others PSN, so Ill try to keep in touch.