today without lbp

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welll i log on this morning i get network error so i go on lbp im working on a level series call LBP the eplogue find out i cant eddit it because of all dlc is unable. so i come on here find out that alot of people are getting the same error so i go to schooland hope for it to be done but nope it doesnt hmmm if my ps3 got damaged because sonys calander bug im demanding a new one because point a i dont have alot of money it took me alot to save because i bought mine when they were 550 can $ 2 alot of people would hate sony to have to buy a new one if theres worked fine wth games. and finally if this happened they should of disconnected there servers for everyone that way no systems would get dammaged so im probably going to watch gamer watch some videos off check if i can get online tonight before i sleep and then im gonna play lbp if resolved if not going to bed and ill check in the morning.


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    yeah, its happened to us all. when i went to reset my date and time the date was 12/31/1999!!! =D I was scared because i thought my PS3 was damaged 2. lets just pray it'll be over by friday. or i'm burning my PS3! XD
  2. menudo's Avatar
    just to let u no its fixed! =p