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Apparently, that is the date that I joined LBPC. That makes for five years on this site.
Wow does that not feel correct.

It doesn’t help that I was not exactly active here for the vast majority of that time. Even now, I wouldn’t exactly say it is so. After all reader, are you here because you know me from my oh so numerous escapades around the site, or because you happen to stop by? Either way, congratulations, you win an anecdote. And a cookie.

What? The cookie is in the mail. If you don’t receive it, blame your local postal person. Or the government. Or Bill. No, not you Bill, the other Bill. Jeez, you’re so sensitive. Here, have your anecdote.

Once upon a time…

All stories start with that, it’s a fictitious law. Anyway,

Shortly after I arrived here, I stopped playing LittleBigPlanet for a while. Since that game was the reason for me joining, I really had no reason to be here. Good thing too. It was probably for the best. I think my first post here was some complaint about my level being completely lost or something. Ah, those were the days. Better that I am cut off there. Also, that level was poop; there was more dignity in it glitching itself into oblivion. Trust me.

But then I returned to the game, and eventually this site. I played some levels, posted some of my own, made some more use of the forums. So on and so on. I joined a few different contests and projects here, kind of jumping in here and there. Still, something that I never really did was make a blog. So I figured, why not? It’s a special occasion after all.

What to do with it though. Well, I did have an idea of a certain something that I wanted to start this month. Of course, deadlines are for other people, and finishing one's projects is overrated anyway. Needless to say, it is not close to being done, but I am working on it, and I even hope to have certain others involved. More details as they develop. Until then, be excited about the vague thing that will be here, eventually.




I’ll be posting some other stuff as it comes up. Whatever I feel like really. It’s my blog and I can do what I want. Mine! Expect nonsense, terrible puns, unnecessary references, poop, and random tangents.
(Note: None of this is guaranteed to be present. Also, no refunds.)

Congratulations, you have reached the end of this. You must be so pleased.

Later all.


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  1. ARD's Avatar
    Congratulations on managing 5 years in this mad house. I'll be joining you in the half-decade club in a few weeks
  2. Apple2012's Avatar
    I can't have cookies right now, but congratulations for making it to the 5 year mark.
  3. xxMATEOSxx's Avatar
    Thanks. Here's to the next five or so.