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Creation Diary "Do you fear Death?"

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Hi friends,

this is my first own blog and I thought to myself: why not use it as a creation diary for my new upcoming music-level with the name:
"Do you fear death?"
Could be that you know me more as a composer than as a level designer! And your right: I've composed about 70 songs so far and designed about 5 levels so far! I loved composing long before I started playing LBP2! My first activities here have been transcriptions of popular melodies to the musicsequencer on request! But when some friends asked me to do some original music for their levels I didn't hesitate! Thanks to IrishDevil79 and SWJedi99, the first who trusted in my composing skills!
The advantage if you're doing music for others is that you always have grateful friends around you! And before you know it you have a lot of material to fill an own music gallery. My first trials in designing my first own level have been aweful! The disadvantage if you have a lot of grateful friends around is that they don't want to hurt your feelings!
Thanks to steve-tr who said, that my first efforts would lead to a disaster! Thank you so much for not only criticizing me but also teaching me the basics of a better level design!
So I dared to create my first level "Curse of the Dragon" and I've been sooo proud of it!
Then followed an Advent calendar series with the title "Dreamcreators' Advent Calendar" which was planned as a clan project but was fully designed by myself with a little little help from some other clan members! Its been so much stress and the success has been poor and I swore never again to do a level with time pressure!
So I've been happy when my friend Attack-here offered to design my next music gallery as a present for me, and the result has been my second music gallery as a co-production "Curi's and Attack's Musictable"! Thanks to Attack-here once more!
In all the time I never stopped composing for friends or only for my own joy! So soon I had my next songs!
If you're composing a lot, sometimes you think you have created a unique original song! But one of my songs sounded soo familiar to me that I began to wonder! And right! Unconsciously I had composed a song which sounded like the jazz-song "Take Five" by Paul Desmond! So I had the idea to do a music-level about this musician and created my "Give me Five - Homage to Paul D." which will be published soon! This has been an experiment with making a movie in a silhouette styled design, and sooo many thanks to avundcv for teaching me, how to create a movie at all! Waiting to get all the voice acts for the "Give me Five" - level I started to plan my third music-gallery with the title "Do you fear Death?" which is the theme of this blog! I will describe the process of creating this level from the first ideas to the nearly finished level! But this has to wait to my next post which will follow soon!

Greetings, CS