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I Want To Beat Littlebigplanet Hub

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I want to be done around the time Littlebigplanet hub debuts. I think it will be the perfect time to release the game. I think we do a lot of things here that will rejuvenate LBP2 for whatever life is left of it.

Less complex but more fun
When designing CC, I have really begun focusing less on features and more on just finishing. Polishing what we have and getting this out to the community, thats my goal.

Whats changed is mainly the leveling system. If you are an RPG guru, you may have made out that CC has a class system. However, I recently played through X, and I have decided to just remove the class system for now and focus on the individual characters. The original "Runelet" leveling system will make a return because the memorizer now makes it possible.

The Runelet was used for my first rpg, Final Saga in 2011. Much like FF X, its uses a grid and attempts to make leveling up fun and addicting. However, it is quite different than the system used in Final Fantasy. Of course it would receive a much needed makeover right now.


  1. MediaMoleculeRocks's Avatar
    If you're really that anxious, you can finish and publish the level before the release of LBP Hub. It's your choice, though. If the rumor that LBP Hub holds weekly contests is true, I'd suggest saving the level and working on it until one of them is held.
  2. Rpg Maker's Avatar
    Yea, the project is still unknown for the most part so I thought hub would be a nice platform to begin on, but I am thinking of just releasing it whenever its done.

    That is a great idea...but it wouldnt be fair that I had all this time to work on it and the other contestants would have a week or a month or so. I will probably enter the contest with a different project. It sounds fun!