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The Top 10 Features We Want In LittleBigPlanet 3

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Let the debating begin! It has been talked about for a while now on the forums and what we as a community need to do is lock down and tell our developers exactly what we want from the next game in the series. I took a break from my personal project and thought long and hard about what I think LBP3 needs to not only be successful on the market, but continue to push creativity and originality from all creators. Here is my list:

10. Motion Blur

Motion Blur is a great visual tool that really enhances graphics by using visual tricks. Not only does it look cool, but it can exaggerate things like speed and momentum. Given that LBP3 will be a Ps4 title, it would make sense to use a bit of that extra power and add this feature in.


The days of solo building should be over. In other words we need a buddy system! Sure it was fun building levels by yourself and getting recognition for them, but now the community should shift toward building levels together. Co-Authors I believe was a feature in the original LBP actually and one I think will encourage team building. Having the ability to assign multiple names to one level will ensure each team member is receiving the same accolades as everyone else.

8. Better Rating System

I understand that we want to have a positive community, but theres a side of me that liked the rating system and the boos system better than what is in place now. I think if the developers only allowed ratings for completion of a level, we would have dramatically reduced negetive feedback. In addition, there should be an option to hide ratings. I realize we want to keep the community positive, but we also need to distinguish good levels from great levels. Thats just part of the user created gaming design.

7. Better Animations

LBP2 we have found work arounds to include more varied animations. But we could use more. Maybe a slide option, or a kick option. Give us the option to show the back of a character. Have them sit down without the obnoxious controllinator. We just need more tools to communicate our ideas through sackboy which represents the figurines for a vast majority of the community levels.

6. More Varied Customization.

This also means we want a bit more varied character creation options. I feel its an expected advancement. We should be able to make characters larger and thinner or shorter and taller, giving us the ability to portray a piece of characters personalities solely on their appearance. It would be a powerful addition to storytelling and in some ways may benefit the believably of game mechanics.( Its kinda hard to make Fat Princess, when you cant create a fat character).

5. 3D

Littlebigplanet needs to enforce something big. LBP2 gave us Logic. The next logical step for advancing the series has to be 3D and I dont mean pop outs for your TV. Just as Mario made his debut on the 64, Sackboy will inevitably have to make this conversion at some point. Obviously, it would require some great programming to make 3D as conformable as MM did the 2.5 layers. Its not something I think LBP needs right now necessarily; I like the 2.5D, but I think creators would welcome this feature if it were included and we would see some stellar projects sprout from it.

4. In Game Friends List.

While the PS4 is getting larger friend space, we dont want to use up all our slots just on LBP friends. There are tens of thousands of people playing this game, so I found it odd we do not have an in game friends list. Much like an MMO. Its funny, I think this will be a feature that debuts in hub, but should it be absent, its something I think the developers should seriously consider implementing. For convenience of both creators and players.

3. More Thermo Space/ Increase Publishing Limits

Now that we can save games, we need more space. Kinda ironic lol But to take the idea of the memorizes further, and somewhat for convenience, it would be expected LBP3 will have significantly more room to create in. It should be a lot more stable and fluid. 20 levels is not enough, and we have already seen thousands of creators run out of room. It would be interesting if there was a feature where highly rated creator could request higher publishing limits( similar to how ebay sellers could request higher selling limits). However, there might be a negative vibe from the younger community as they may feel a bit segregated from these "God" creators. I am not sure if the community is mature enough for that implementation.

2. Run at 60 Frames Per Second

It is no question we want LBP3 to look better than its predeccor, and a large part in doing that is increasing the frame rate. Go back and play some of your 30 frame per second games. Theres a large difference. I noticed this when playing the recent tales of Symphonia remake which ran at a lower 30 frames per second as opposed to the original which ran at 60; there was a large difference as the combat ran slower and less fluid. Imagine LBP2 running with twice the frame rate!

1. We need a Hud Layer

Why is this at number one? I play a lot of levels in LBP2 and so much wasted time is spent on creating a visual gaming hud( my project included). I wanted to have this hud, but still have it display during cutscenes or other cinematic parts of the game. I wanted it to be able to keep up with fastpaced action and not get absorbed by the background. A lot of hubs in LBP2 just look weird and out of place and I feel the interface is one of the most important elements of game design. Give us a layer that is devoted only to creating a hud. Creators can then create button prompts, display stats and information, while being able to invoke their own personality into the levels.

And there ya have it!

What do you think LBP3 needs or what do you want to see from the next entry in the series. Feel free to comment below!

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  1. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    Stuff like 60 fps and more thermo are not really even something to worry about as those things just plain become possible when a LBP is made for PS4 instead of the weak outdated PS3. *mew

    I don't think the main LBP series ever needs to move into full 3D. 2D is not inferior to 3D, They are just different creatures.

    And last I knew we have a ingame friends list. 3 different areas for it in-fact. 1 on the start menu. another in the my friends option in the more options in the community area. and one right below your profile when your sack first hops onto the controller PC within the pod.

    And the rest I agree with, but personally I'm not worried about huds as I don't do things like try to make RPGs. *mew
  2. Rpg Maker's Avatar
    I never knew there was an in game friends list. I see the regular friends list but they only display the psn friends. Are you referring to that or something else?

    Thats pretty sad I wouldnt know that lol Good tips.
  3. Lord-Dreamerz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rpg Maker
    I never knew there was an in game friends list. I see the regular friends list but they only display the psn friends. Are you referring to that or something else?

    Thats pretty sad I wouldnt know that lol Good tips.
    I'm not sure if we are misunderstanding each other or not. But yes there are 3 different areas that show you when any of your PSN friends are online LBP.