Creation Diary/ Music Composing Diary

"Do you fear Death?!" - your choice, please!

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I had the compass menu and the side menu, there have been all songs, and lots of fishes, next step has been the intro! Many creators do the intro not before the level is finished but because I had already published the menu for testing by friends, I thought that it would be time for the intro. Doing intros is funny because you can use all your fantasy and have nearly no limitations. I wanted to have some decoration like corals, I wanted it also to be an underwater scene, and I wanted a hint that its a "Pirates of the Caribbean" themed level!

Then I asked myself whether a player would play my level a second time if he always would have to watch the movie sequences and activate all songs per compass before he can select them directly! My answer has been: noooooo! So I decided that the player should have the choice between "playing the full level" and "listening to the music only".

your choice, please! be continued...

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