Creation Diary/ Music Composing Diary

"Do you fear Death?!" - first testing by friends

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After the compass and the side menu have been done, I published it to get tested by some friends (thanks a lot! ) My friends gave me a lot of valuable ideas to improve the menu!
(Main point has been that the chosen font for the text wasn't easy to read! And that the controls have been unaccustomed) So I tried to find some more fitting font, but in vain! Then I decided to make my own font! Finally I found a fan made font similar to the original font out of the movie! Perfect! This font became the template for my own font
which I painted with the paint-tool! (Omg! At that time I had no idea how much work it is to paint your own font with the paint tool! Fortunately! Otherwise I wouldn't have started to do it!) And after a really long time of busily working I had my first own font! I'm still proud of it!

Changing the controls would have been less complicated, but I loved my controls because they have been really simple! Actually you need only the R1 button to run the whole menu, pushing it is activating the compass and pushing it again is choosing the melody! Again activating the hand and once more choosing the next song... and so on! Really simple! And if you change to the side menu with L2, then you only need the arrow buttons for selecting and activating a title directly!

Rather simple! So I decided to keep the controls unchanged and give more hints within the menu and with an explanation of the controls in the "Pirate's Codex" Savvy?! be continued...