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"Do you fear Death?!" - do you like fish?

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As you might have noticed in my last post, there has been a fish in the menu! Watching the compass while listening to a song seemed a little bit boring to me, so I had the idea that there could be some tropical fishes swimming around while listening to the songs! I took the two basic fishes out of the creatures menu and painted them! Omg! This has been so much fun! I nearly couldn't stop creating different sorts of tropical fishes!

And then I had an extraordinarily good idea! When I'm listening to a music gallery, I'm not always listening to the songs completely, depending on different factors! Why not rewarding the persistent listeners! There are three sorts of basic fishes that are passing the menu screen! Every song listened to completely (so that the progress bar of the song remains filled in the end) is activating an additional fish sort!

So the more songs you hear from the beginning til the last note, the more sorts of fishes you get to see! Ingenious, isn't it? And not enough! I painted a sticker of every fish sort as a giveaway!
Every fish sort is emitted by an emitter controlled by a sequencer with markers and sensors! Every filled progress bar is replacing an emitter with a new fish sort! More logic but nice effect! be continued...

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  1. avundcv's Avatar
    Since a couple of years I spend my holydays on reef snorkeling, so I really like colourful fish. Thanks for creating such beautiful fish. I´m so exited and looking forward to play this.

  2. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Hi av, I can remember that once you have posted some pictures of your snorkeling holidays in one of the forums, and I remember that I liked them! I'm sure that the real fishes are even more colorful than my creations! But nevertheless I would be glad if you would get some holiday feelings playing my level when its finished! Many greetings, Jürgen