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"Do you fear Death?" - Summer sun and sand

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For my first scenery of the movie part I needed a Caribbean beach. In my imagination I saw blue water, miles of white sand, palms and some birds flying in some distance. To get the impression of depth I needed 3D extra layers. After deciding how many layers I wanted to go back (its been 15 additional layers in the back) I started to do the beach segments, each one layer thick, beginning with the backmost and working forwards.

Wanting to avoid broad limiting lines I had to work rather exactly. To get a smooth transition I tried to make the nearer segments overlap the more distant ones a slight idea. I also had to consider that the rising of the terrain at the shoreline would have to be slowly and different for
each segment to get the impression of waves being washed up on the beach the whole shoreline long. It costed a lot of time of experimenting and adjusting the segments til I could be content with the result.

Next step has been the sky in the background, thanks for the blue bubbles material, this has been perfect! But I wanted the sky a little bit more blue, I used an additional sticker panel close before the sky and adjusted its color, brightness and opacity. Seeing the result made me excited! Yeah!

On the right side you see the original effect of the blue bubbles material, on the left side colored with an additional sticker panel material.

Now I needed some vegetation, bushes, trees and palms. I placed them on sticker panel material in different layers, making them shrink in the distance. (I've been attentive in my art lessons a long long time ago ) Some beach grass, an old trunk of a tree, some mussels, voila! Nearly

And again I had lots of ideas what I could have added to the scene but anytime you have to come to an end! Wait! What about a little beach bar with ice cream?...

Last element of the beach scenery has been a swarm of birds flying in the distance. I wanted them to move their wings and to fly with different speed! I took the most fitting sticker as a template and painted it with the paint tool with two different angles of the wings.

Then I put the different shapes on sticker panel and added some logic to activate them by turns.

Now I needed some sound effects to get a realistic beach atmosphere! The sound of wind, the sound of the waves and some birdcalls.
Can you hear it??

Have a great holiday! be continued...