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"Do you fear Death?" - Shooting in paradise

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Once the general beach scenery was built, I could work on the details of the shooting. I needed the main actors and their costumes,

I needed a storyline and I needed some cuttings from the scenery for special shots (f.e. close-up shots etc.) with different camera angles.

Maybe sometime I will do a tutorial about how to do shootings in detail, here I only want to say that this is costing a lot of time and needs a lot of patience, but also its a lot of fun. Its helpful to have a storyline, you need to plan the camera work, the dialogues, lighting and so on. Everyone who has already created a movie knows how much work it is, but its also rather satisfying if you get a passable result. I'm still working on the beach shooting, but the end is in sight! Hopefully! be continued...

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