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"Do you fear Death?" - Close encounter in the dark

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In the context of the story of my level the second scenery is set twenty years later related to the beach scenery! The child is already grown up and on its way to rescue CS (thats me! )
This scene is located on the high sea at night, with the sackhero alone in a small fishing cutter.

Compared to the beach scenery the ocean scenery is less elaborate. As the background I used the starfield material with only a slôw animation speed (5%). The water is set to a level that there is enough space underneath the waterline for the tentacles of the "Kraken". I wanted a fishing cutter thats looking realistically, so I searched in the web for a reallife boat as a template. Then I began to build it using cardboard material and ,coloring it with stickers. I began with the hull, followed by the cab, then the masts and then all the decoration like ropes, rigging and so on.

Because I wanted to shoot the boat from different angles I built a second fishing cutter with the view of the opposite side (where's no door in the cab) and a front view for a close-up shots.

In movies I love all the little details that help to get a rather realistic impression. So the fishing cutter got some extras like some steam, some swirling water from the screw and a moving spotlight. Of course also some machine sound.

for the swirling water I've used a mechanism like that, sticker panel material moving up and down quickly.

In the story the high-sea scenery is the scenery where the "Kraken" appears.

So I built several tentacles fixed with some pistons on dark matter.

I also wanted the tentacles to wave around, so I placed two markers on some sticker panel material activated in turns. and a follower on the end of the tentacles.

Now I only needed some additional wave movement of the water, my solution, a sticker panel material close beneath the waterline.

When the shootings of the beach scenery will be finished, I will continue with shooting of the "Kraken" attack. Now you're up to date, this is the current state of my level! Estimated 90% done. I will post here my further steps til the level is finished. be continued...

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