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"Do you fear Death?" - a musical challenge, Mr. Jones?

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After lots of blog entries about golfing GPSSystems (which has been by a Spambot) I feel responsible to do a next post about my "Do you fear Death?" - level "Do you fear Death?" is an experiment to combine two genres in a funny and entertaining way! Asking myself how to combine a movie-level with a music gallery I had the idea, that the music gallery could be part of a musical challenge between the main actor and Davy Jones, who had captured the composer CS. Doing the musical challenge against Davy Jones means that you let the compass choose a song and Davy Jones has to play the chosen song on his organ. If he can play all the sixteen melodies then he is the winner and the player has to join the crew or will be feeded to the "Kraken". If Davy Jones cannot play any of the titles, then the player wins and CuriousSack will be free again! If the player surrenders before having chosen all songs, then Davy Jones will also be the winner. So the story will culminate in playing the music gallery. And depending whether the player wins or Davy Jones, there will be different ending sequences. I also wanted to do a funny story. The main concept has been to use some funny quotes out of the original Disney - movies bringing them in a changed context. Maybe that the story is more funny if the player knows the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, but thats no necessary precondition. be continued...

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