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"Do you fear Death?" - Flying Dutchman Shipping Company

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After the beach scenery and the high sea adventure, it was time to start the works on the last scenery, the Flying Dutchman. I needed a view of the whole ship for an underwater shot, and I needed some under deck sets, especially of Davy Jones' organ room. In this post I will describe how I did the Flying Dutchman, the whole ship. First I searched for some pictures in the web and... I've been lucky! I found a site of a modeler, who described how he had built a wooden model of the Flying Dutchman. With a construction plan and some step by step pictures. Ingenious! This was so helpful to get the right measures and proportions.
I started with a basic shape.

One characteristic of the Flying Dutchman is its bow with the swordfish like mouth and teeth and the skeleton of a swimming pirate.

Some additional hatches for the canons, yep! Its already starting to have some similarity to the Flying Dutchman.

Next step has been the stern of the Flying Dutchman with the exterior part of the organ room. Its been remembering me on the treasure chest of the goodies bag. And with some supplements it worked pretty good to me.

Some masts, some rigging, and the ship is growing and growing...

The stern needed some balconies...

...and something that looked a little like the characteristic sculpture with tentacles and bodies and fishes and...and...

Yeah! I'm content with the result!

Stop! Not yet! I've forgotten the shrouds!

Completed! May I introduce to you: The little big Flying Dutchman.