community spotlight 136

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Hello Sackfolk,
This is this only way I can comment on lbpcentral at the moment, so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Firstly, Thanks so much for the spotlight, would like to thank dsmmat for essentially beta testing this lvl. Any questions on how to build your own or just anything LBPK related, just message me. I am always happy to help. No questions are ever treated as stupid, trust me. I would like to get Karting back to where it should be, it's too much fun to just be discounted. There are so many superb lvls being created and beginners needing help out there.

Have lots of partially finished creations ongoing, but, to repeat myself, anyone with any queries please message me. I'll get back to you asap.

It's noted that there has been a drop in submitted levels. Do you think that the ongoing issue with not being able to post threads, replying etc could have something to do with that?

My suspicion is that, along with myself, other Sackfolk are getting increasingly frustrated and therefore aren't bothering to create as much.


  1. WESFUN's Avatar
    Hey congrats on ur spotlight. Yes we have noticed that also with the drop of levels. We are well aware of such sadness but keep your hopes up when hub comes out levels should kick back up the crew is gratefully appreciated with your new spotlighted level and are glad you bring us levels keep up the awesome work
  2. Scorpio1357's Avatar
    Thx. Any news on the ps4 version yet?