Boss Notes Lol 3

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Continuing my rant, after a break, I've had time to go back and replay/re-evaluate some of my old creations. The purpose of the series is to single out boss battles I've made, and identify strengths, weaknesses, and complexities which could have been made simpler. I've covered my old LBP 1 levels, and five of the CC1 levels.

Mister Monochrome 1 (Sinister Sanctum) - Monochrome is the first endboss creature I ever made, with four consecutive forms. One with grabinators, one with grapplnators, one with platforming, and one with a creatinator. The first phase has you throwing colored balls at his hands. It was my hope that players would understand what to do, as this was a time before I had damage indication on bosses. As you hit his hands his body gains more colors in tandem with the palette of the color being used. I think this was the most effective of the phases due to his visual appeal, and motions. If only I had sticker panels at the time. XD

Mister Monochrome 2 (Sinister Sanctum) - The weakest of the Monochrome battles, its hindered by the only 'safe' zone occasionally electrifying itself. The idea was to encourage players to stay attached to a grappling point rather than standing around, but it has the flaw that they may be killed over and over since the save point occasionally dumps them onto an electrified floor. Plus to hurt him, you have to grapple the colored orbs when they appear and have them hit his hands. It's a tremendous pain. If I ever redid this battle, I'd include more safe zones, and make it easier to hit him.

Mister Monochrome 3 (Sinister Sanctum) - Initially this was the final-final battle, until I considered that #3 is a strange, unexplainable fusion of all the bosses up to that point, which you have to platform up, and make no sense in context. I believe my explanation was that 'by absorbing the crystal energy Monochrome also absorbed the essences of the creatures created from them'. Weird Final Fantasy stuff.

While visually impressive, it makes no sense in context.

Mister Monochrome 4 (Sinister Sanctum) - The final battle came about because I wanted players to actually have a punch-up with Monochrome as the send off. The Imp was conceived to mimic the boss's second form and first form combined, but also it changes colors as the battle goes on and it becomes infused with emotional energy. I thought about having him shoot back, but after beating form 2 I figured players deserved a break. XD He literally takes 1,000 hits from the creatinator, and every 250 he'll spout a phrase. The creatinator is rapid fire, but it still drags a bit. Now that I know how to make objects move and hover around free from gravity, I'm excited for potentially re-doing this.

On the next Boss Notes Lol I'll review Robobobotron 1 & 2, Vertilla, Razz, and the Abominable Snowmonster from Yeti Quest.