Cool Costume Easter Eggs

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I was messing around in LittleBigPlanet when I came across some easter eggs. I'll list most of them here: on the back of the TV costume (not DLC, comes from story) there is a sticker w/ a Media Molecule logo and it says Made By Media Molecule and some other stuff or something similar. This also shows up on tags which are part of costumes like the panda hat. If you put the construction cap onto an enlarged sackbot, it will say something like Media Molecule Construction. If you put on the basketball jersey (says 08 and Littlebigplanet on top) and turn the sackboy around using L1/R1 with a sticker cursor, you'll see 20 on the back, which when put together makes 2008 Littlebigplanet, which is the release date of it. On the raiden helmet of the MGS pack, enlarging it produces a bar code on the top which has the date 12 25 2006. This is mysterious and researching produces no relevant results. I don't have a bar code scanner, but someone who does should try scanning it. Pic here: ac39afaf8fe1960bbe9263a39957bfd531d546b7.jpg On the swim goggles (I forgot the exact name but it can be recognizable from the picture), there is a tag on it that says "Tagged by Chrizzlor". I found nothing about this, either. Pic here: e9d90b32b022fa3169b8f91ce5ecd195fe529b8a.jpg I'm sure that there are more easter eggs, but I haven't found them yet.