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"Do you fear Death?" a DavyJones' organ is a difficult instrument part 1

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Hi friends, after a little unintentional delay here some news about my "Do you fear Death?" - level! You might remember, after I had built the Flying Dutchman as the whole ship, I wanted to build the organ room with its centerpiece: Davy Jones' famous organ! The instrument which he is playing in the depth of the Caribbean Sea. And which Davy Jones will play when he will be challenged to play the music that our sackhero wants him to. But how to build such an instrument with all it's complex ornaments? My idea:
First to paint the ornaments with the move-painting-tool to get a line drawing, then color this drawing considering light effects, then fixing the result on Sticker panel. This would give me the chance to adjust brightness, color and opacity. Then I would do an additional contour drawing, change the material into wooden and place the sticker panel before this wooden shape of the contours! Changing the opacity of the sticker panel will give me the chance to get the colored organ and have also a wooden structure! Savvy?!
I've started to do the line drawings, here the results so far.

and the underwater scene with fish! be continued...