Boss Notes Lol 4

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In case this is the first one you're reading, I'm a fan of boss fight in LBP and LBP2, and I make it my goal to include creative battles in many of my levels. As such I'm doing brief, non-critical reviews on each to assemble my thoughts and opinions. I want to identify things I did right AND wrong, and express feelings on each.

Robobobotron 1 - When I built Hero Academy, I was coming back from a long hiatus of not playing, and I didn't have a specific plan in mind. Originally, Hero Academy was not a sky fortress, and the boss was going to be a gorilla robot in a Donkey Kong style battle. However, at the time, I was eager to see if I could incorporate continuously spawning level pieces to keep it in motion. I eventually decided on an elevator. I also wanted to try to make multiple creature brains appear for popping. It was kind of a nightmare trying to build something that looked both cartoony, but also intimidating, using the brain-respawn logic. I don't know how they did it with the Negativitron.

Robobobotron 2 - Despite the awkward creature design, it had an interesting emotional range, and I liked how it moved. The second form I liked even betters, since his legs have been destoyed. He would wobble back and forth and slam his hand to create shock waves. This was the time when I discovered you could electrify hologram material. XD I think RBT has some great presence, despite being a forgettable fight. His spawner logic doesn't always work correctly either. It did at first, then I had to delete everything which erased it, and I couldn't ever duplicate whatever it was that worked.

Vertilla - Despite not moving around, or doing much of anything, Vertilla is still one of the most exciting fights. The Masta Blastya music really made it amazing, and the concept is cool. The problem is that the cue for when you've hit correctly is auditory, and the targets are green and pink. I guess it's probably pretty obvious what you're supposed to do anyway though. Plus, her face is animated! This screen shot doesn't really do the battle justice, since this is before it even begins.

Razz - I've gotten lots of complaints about Razz which always struck me as odd. The one I hear the most is "He changes colors too fast" followed by "I don't know what to do!" What happens is that the fight is a color-matching game. If he's red, you fire the red weapon. If he's green you fire the green weapon. If you use the wrong one, he attacks back in that color. So if you use A red weapon when he's green, he'll shoot out bombs. Likewise if you use a green weapon when he's blue, he'll shoot green plasma. The worst of these is yellow. XD I never use the yellow weapon. It shoots out a massive nigh-unavoidable shockwave of lightning. Eventually I included a hit-flash effect for when you attack him correctly. But guys, if he's switching too fast, then why are YOU switching colors at all? He's on a rotation that cycles! So Nyah! Razz is awesome!

Abominable Snowmonster - When I first got LBP2, Yeti Quest was my first official LBP2 Project. I was already half-way done with it at the time, and I was desperate to make a fight like the Skulldozer from LBP 1, or the Mecha Turkey from LBP2, where you just run away. The Snowmonster is fully autonomous. It moves on its own steam without any pistons or movers. (Basically, you could make it in LBP 1) The inexperience shows, but it's still pretty neat. That ice breath though... that needs work, as does its lair. It's really hard to see anything.

Next Boss Notes Lol I'll be checking through Baron Boots, Croaloa 1 & 2, and Emperor Scorra, before a small preview of one in progress.


  1. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Hi Kato, I really enjoyed your boss notes with all those pics! Absolutely entertaining!
    I'm curious to read more! Many greetings, Jürgen^^