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D-Day: 70 Years Later

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Today is the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of the most important event of World War II - the invasion of Normandy, France. It all started back in 1942 where they considered a possibility of invasion across the English Channel. The plans advanced until 1944, when this happened.

On this very day, there were amphibious landings that resulted from aerial and naval bombardment, along with the landing of British, US, and Canadian airborne troops. The coast of the target was divided into five sectors - Utah beach, Omaha beach, Gold beach, Juno Beach, and Sword Beach. The Allies didn't do too well on Day One, but throughout the whole Normandy Landings, they did restore the French Republic after the German takeover and won another battle.

The D-Day invasion not only took back France after four years of German rule, but it lead to the downfall of Germany, which resulted in the end of the war in Europe.

World War II was one of the few significant events that changed the world. It was certainly the second largest change in history (following Columbus's voyage), and was one of the two most important events of the 20th Century. For the longest time, America was only a weak nation while Europe was a land of conflict. World War I was the war that got America involved in foreign and oversea business, but World War II was one of the long term effects of World War I. Before the war, Britain was the world power after colonizing 53 nations (otherwise known as the British Commonwealth). World War II may have been the worst war in history, but it was also the best in some way.

Some (but not limited to) of the results of WWII:

1. America became world power, and was one of the most powerful countries in the world.
2. The British Empire fell because of how Britain went downhill after the war. Several states of the British Commonwealth declared independence or lost British control.
3. The United Nations was formed. They were created to spread peace. Look what happened! There was no WWIII, not yet at least. However, the UN has failed several times and caused other conflicts. But more importantly, there was no WWIII.
4. The Cold War. Long story to say here.
5. Further advancement in technology.

Sorry if I didn't know enough about the war or the D-Day invasion, but maybe I should do some more research on World War II, and not just the Holocaust and the bombings of two Japanese cities.

This isn't the last blog entry on WWI or WWII of the month. On June 28th, I have another big entry to write, for the 100th anniversary of the event that triggered World War I.
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  1. hyperdude95's Avatar
    Wow this is amazing! I knew about the anniversary but the info here is fantastic, thank for writing this!