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I might write some Disney reviews

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I know this is an LBP site, but I can write anything on my blog (as long as it doesn't harm people). I may not be a true critic, but I would like to share my opinions on some movies by Disney.

2014 was a big year for Disney (not just to me, but to the world). Ever since Frozen came out, WDAS got more attention than they did before. They released iOS apps such as "Disney Animated" and "Disney Movies Everywhere" not too long ago. The movie Frozen was more than successful. It's very dominant. Opinions about Frozen being good or bad, opinions on the Tangled VS Frozen debate, and opinions on whether or not Let It Go is overrated can become controversial like religion and politics (thankfully, it's far away from that point). But look at more of what Frozen is. There's too many sites to source, so all of what I say will be without sources (but it's true). If you like, you can research to prove my point. Here are the successes and proofs that Frozen is dominating the world (and no, I'm not a Disney employee. I'm a Disney fan that personally recorded interesting information on how Frozen is successful).

Spoiler Spoiler - Frozen's Successes

Yeah, that is a lot of successes, and I'm not even making it up. It's really that popular, and I read the news several times. I know this blog entry is all about that, but I would like to share that, talking about how Frozen is a global phenomenon. But what I would like to tell you is that I talked more about Disney this year than in previous years. Frozen is the one that started it, but it still continues. There are 53 animated features, but I seen 12 of those animated features of WDAS this year. Out of the 12, I'm going to write reviews on only 5 of them, starting with the underrated Disney flick Oliver and Company. If it's not okay to write these reviews, I'm not doing it. If it's okay, I'll write some. All I can say is that I won't post pictures here.
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  1. Kato's Avatar
    Frozen was good, but it's way too over-hyped. Fans of Idina Menzel snowballed (No pun intended) the attention into a mob mentality. It was an enjoyable movie, yes. The songs were well written, yes. But I don't think it's the be-all end-all movie of time, space, and infinity.