Blog entry regarding LBP3 on PS3 and possible data transfer from PS3 to PS4 and back

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Alrighty, as some of you may know, LBP3 has been announced to come out on PS3 AND PS4, with confirmation via StevenI on Twitter:

However, seeing as there is a PS3 version coming out, many questions popped up in my head, a few of which leading me to creating theories on what the answers may be. Here are those few questions:

1. Will we be able to transfer our Pins from LBP2 (PS3) to LBP3 (PS3), and use them on the PS4 counterpart?

Answer: Most likely. My theory is that a LBP3 backup profile option, like previous LBP games, will be implemented into the game. It might work the same way as the previous games too. However, not *everything* may transfer. I think what will happen is that LBP3 will have the same Secret Pins as LBP2, except different data for the pins will be included for them, and may not transfer right away unless you already legitimately earned those pins.

Now why did I add in the word "unless"? Well...
Spoiler Spoiler - long explanation of stuff

Anyway, my point is, it may be possible that, if LBP3 PS3 backup profiles work the same way as LBP2's profiles now, we may be able to transfer these Pins onto LBP3 and sync it up to PS4 versions.
Spoiler Spoiler - Message for Sumo

2. How will PS3 and PS4 LBP3 handle the glitch levels in LBP2 & 1?

Answer: unknown

3. How will they handle captured story prizes from LBP2 & 1?

Answer: long schlongs.

And there you have it!


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    Great thoughts!
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    Great thoughts!
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