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No Chrono Chrysalis on PS4

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Its been a while since I have written the blog and it will be really short this time guys. I did take a break since there was a bug that ruined cutscenes. But now I am hard at work finishing CC on the PS3. The game was built with the limitations of PS3, so its kind of a technical marvel as well as a testament to the capability of LBP2.

IF people like it, I may continue the series on LBP3, but not before I get another idea off my head.

I am writing the story for a new action RPG and details on that will probably come after the LBP3 beta--which hopefully I get an invite lol

Expect Chrono Chrysalis sometime in August!




  1. Kalawishis's Avatar
    ...August? It was set for a February release. I know you have to fix emitted bugs and whatnot, but what's taking up so much time?
  2. Rpg Maker's Avatar
    Life lol Also the Feburary release was long canceled since I wasnt able to make the competition. Now I am putting out as much as I can without withholding content and I got rid of the "Genesis" episode. Its going to be large by LBP standards and August is a nice cushion for me both physically and mentally.

    Development wise the project is in great shape.