A Tool I Would Love to See in LBP

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One tool I would love to see, though not exactly an essential one, is a "Track Follower". It works like a follower, where you can set speed and range, but instead of following tags or players, it follows track-lines. Sort of like how you cut objects out of materials, using the Track Tool you place points down that automatically drop in a dotted line between them. This makes a "Track". You then place a Track Follower on an object, and it will follow the track. You can set if you want to follow it rigidly, or you can give it a bit of sway. You can set the Follower up to toggle directions forwards or backwards with switches, or make a looped track.

They sort of have this tool available with the Move Pack using a motion recorder, but I have horribly unsteady hands and can't use it. XD


  1. Croned's Avatar
    I'm almost certain they'll add this to LBP3, in fact I'm surprised it wasn't in LBPVita. Trying to use a bunch of followers/tags is just too time consuming, and yes, the Move controller shakes terribly in my hands as well.